Gratia - Building a New Release For Distribution

Building a new release for distribution

This section describes the steps for building a release of Gratia tomcat services for distribution.

Verify and update Gratia for the new release

As yourself, make sure your build area contains all committed changes:

  • cd [PATH_TO_GRATIA]/gratia
  • svn update

As yourself, in gratia/build-scripts/Makefile , change the version_default to:

  • version_default = v1.05
  • commit the change

Tag and build the new release

As yourself, tag the release. This make a svn copy of the current state of the trunk.

and prepare the patch branch:

For patches release do

As gratia user, build it for the release (this insures that tar files are produced for VDT):

As gratia user, copy the tarballs for this release to a 'save' area:

  • cd /home/gratia/gratia-releases/gratia-v1.04.00/target
  • cp -p gratia_reporting_v1.04.00.tar /home/gratia/gratia-releases/tarballs/.
  • cp -p gratia_services_v1.04.00.tar /home/gratia/gratia-releases/tarballs/.

Make the new release available for inclusion in the VDT

As yourself, copy the built tar files to the VDT release area:

  • cd /home/gratia/gratia-releases/gratia-v1.04.00/target
  • scp gratia_reporting_v1.04.00.tar
  • scp gratia_services_v1.04.00.tar

As yourself,update the version number on the services release TWiki page:

  • Edit and update the TWiki variable ReleaseVersion.

As yourself, create a VDT support ticket via email so it gets prioritized with the VDT team:

  • Example:

SubjectGratia v1.04.00 available for inclusion in next VDT release

-- JohnWeigand - 18 Jul 2008

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