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Notes on the OSG Requirement documents.

The OSG Requirements for the Gratia External Project can be found in Doc Db.

The notation Req-N refers the requirements numbers in the above documents. Requirements that are not mentioned in this document are already meet in release v0.32 of Gratia.


Work in still going for the development of the Transfer and Storage probes (Greg Sharp). This works should be concluded in time for release v0.36.


This will 95% achieve when release v0.36 is fully deployed thanks the new Probe library (and VDT patch) which will allow the lookup of the user certificate. Missing are the cases where the certificate is not passed along/delegated by Gram (after WS Gram)


Missing summary tables on Owner+VO and on ExitCode?. Missing DN information (See Req-4)

Req-6, Req-11, Req-16

Slated for release v0.36


Permanent, long term storage (other than copies on local disk and regular daily backups) is planned for release v1.00


2nd part is not scheduled yet. See the docuement "Issue related to detecting a probe black-out (missing information)."


Slated for release v1.00


Slated for release v0.38


Reports addition are sprinkles over the various releases

Req-18, Req-25

Technology available in release v0.34 but so far scheduled to be used only in administration page. Requires discussion on the granularity and semantic of the restrictions.


Supported but non persistent. Non persistent list are supported and links can be created that includes the list (for bookmarking and directly links).


In production. However needs upgrades of the back-end to reduces the manual inputs (list of sites, performances of sites).

Req-24, Req-26, Req-27

Slated for release v0.38


Continual improvement, major upgrade planned for release v1.00

-- PhilippeCanal - 18 Apr 2008

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