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Introduction and Overview

The Gratia Project (contributed as an OSG Activity, Grid Accounting) designs and deploys robust, scalable, trustable and dependable grid accounting, publishes an interface to the services and provides a reference implementation.

The Gratia system consists of many probes operating on and uploading data from remote locations to a network of one or more collector-reporting systems. These data could be regarding batch jobs, grid transfers, storage allocation, site availability tests or processing accounting (at current survey).

The primary focus of the Gratia system is however to providing an accounting of OSG jobs.

More information on the data collection philosophy, technical details and algorithms used by the various probes, the common probe infrastructure and the collector may be found in the Data Collection Notes section.

Project organization


The main goal of the Grid Accounting Joint Project, which is additionally being contributed as an OSG Activity, is to provide the stakeholders with a reliable and accurate set of views of the Grid resources usage.

The latest Gratia Project Review has provided the following recommendations:

  1. Gratia should be a strategic service of the Fermilab Scientific Computing Division.
  2. Formalize project structure and reporting lines
    • OSG software team vs Gratia support
    • Open source contributions
    • Outreach and common activities
    • Develop stakeholder/providers meetings to establish priorities and communicate results
  3. Develop Cloud infrastructure and Storage accounting (AAA/FAX) and propose such as common contributions (OSG, Campus Grid, WLCG).
  4. Establish validation, testing and integration infrastructure at production scale (cooperation between development and operations)
  5. Improve installation documentation (development effort)


2014 WBS could be found here (draft)


  • US ATLAS - Michael Ernst
  • US CMS - Burt Holzman
  • FermiLab - Rob Roser, Stu Fuess, Margaret Votava, Ruth Pordes
  • OSG User Support - Chander Sehgal
  • OSG Executive Team - Lothar Bauerdick
  • UNL - David Swanson

See Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Contact information and mailing lists

  • Reports issues by submitting tickets via GOC
  • Request new features via JIRA

  • Problem reports with existing or new installations of probes or with the official ( and collectors should go to the (closed) Gratia Operations mailing list:
    • Send mail to

  • General discussion and questions / problems regarding local collector installation should use the OSG Accounting mailing list:

  • Daily email reports from the DB are sent to the OSG Accounting Info mailing list:

  • Finally, other matters that you may wish to raise particularly with the developers should be sent to our internal mailing list:


The Gratia team meets bi-weekly on Wednesday at 3pm CST. To Join call 866-740-1260 and use the meeting ID: 8408730, followed by #.

See Meeting Minutes

Gratia Accounting Reports

GUI reporting interfaces

BIRT reports:

warning BIRT reporting is being phased out!

Mailed Reports

  • Aggregate reports are mailed daily, weekly and monthly to the osg-accounting-info mailing list (see Mailing lists).
  • Individual site- and VO-specific emails are mailed weekly and monthly and may be requested by adding "Reporting Contact" names to the OIM registration for the resource or VO in question.

Software and Deployment


We presented a summary of the Accounting System requirement in July 2005 in Milwaukee. OSG Accounting Requirements Presentation We also presented a general overview of the design (See the same link).


Gratia Service consists of several major components:
  1. Gratia Standard Probes
  2. Gratia Service
  3. Gratia Email Reporting
There are also several web clients contributed by various members of the OSG staff. The WEB GUI is used to display information stored in Gratia:
  1. OSG Display
  2. Gratia Web tool

Gratia monitor for RSV

There is an RSV "probe" that monitors Gratia and allows for troubleshooting and diagnostics in case of problems. For full details, see the Gratia RSV Monitoring Probe page.

Interfaces with other systems

There are various clients that provide integration between Gratia and other Grids:
  1. APEL-WLCG : Accounting records for US-LHC Tier1 and Tier2 facilities collected by Gratia are forwarded to the EGI accounting system APEL , in accordance with signed MOU agreements. The resource utilization could be seen at EGI Accounting Portal.
  2. XSEDE: OSG becomes XSEDE server provider in April, 2012. XSEDE tracks resource usage in its own account management system (AMIE). The set of scripts collects, summarizes and reports to XSEDE all the current allocations that have been using OSG resources. The resource utilization could be seen at XD MoD - XSEDE Accounting Portal.

Related Projects

Implementation (developers' corner)

Development and Test Environment

The main source code repository is keep in SVN at See the following SvnPrimer.

A description of the development and test environment can be found in the Gratia Development and Test Environment page.

Here a description of the GratiaWeb development and test environment.

Collector build and release-cutting procedure.

This is described on the collector build and release-cutting procedure page.

Probe build and release-cutting procedure.

This is described on the probe build and release-cutting procedure page.


The current versions are in osg 3.1 -sl6 and 3.2 -sl6 (similar links for sl5)
  • Gratia Service production release is v1.13-10.1 It was released in 09-Aug-2013.
  • Gratia Probes 1.13.18. Released on 20-Sep-2013.

The test versions are: The current test versions are in osg 3.1 -sl6 and 3.2 -sl6 (similar links for sl5)

  • Gratia Service 1.13.10-1. Released on 09-Aug-2013.
  • Gratia Reporting (email reports) 1.13-10.2. Released on 23-Oct-2013.
  • Gratia Probes 1.13-18 . Released on 20-Sep-2013.

Upcoming releases are: The current development versions are in osg 3.1 -sl6 and 3.2 -sl6 (similar links for sl5)

  • Gratia Service 1.13.12-1. Released on 11-Dec-2013.
  • Gratia Probes 1.12-21 . Released on 17-Jan-2014.

Gratia Collector Deployments

Gratia Deployment Deployment Status Contact(s)
Central OSG In Operation Keith Chadwick, Steven Timm
Fermilab In Operation Keith Chadwick, Steven Timm
Purdue In Operation Preston Smith, Fengping Hu
UCSD In Operation Terrence Martin
Nebraska In Operation Brian Bockelman
BNL ITB Collector Xin Zhao

Activities and Links prior to Oct 2011

More... Close

Gratia Collector Hardware Recommendations

The recommended Gratia Collector Hardware is available at the following URL:

Code Documentations

Building a new release for distribution

Legacy gratia upgrade procedure at Fermilab

Upcoming releases

Gratia Release v1.10 - Spring 2012

Work and desiderata for FY 2012

Gratia Release v2.00 - not scheduled

Gratia Service Operation

All information required to install and operate the official OSG Gratia services may be found through the Gratia Service Operation Guide page.

Email Reports (Developer documentation).

Older Items


PSACCT Probe Design Specification

Gratia Collector Web Service Development, Trash/Deployment and Integration

CPU Usage Accounting

Current Gratia Reporting Design Specification

Current Gratia Report Development, Trash/Deployment and Integration

Proposed Gratia Reporting Infrastructure Upgrade Implementation Plan

Notes on the OSG Requirement documents


A draft of the WBS is available.

Buffering in Gratia.

Document available in ODF or PDF formats.

Production Releases

The current version of Gratia Production Release is v1.08 . It was released in July 2011. The older versions of production releases could be found here.

A Gratia Release twiki template has been created that can be used as the basis for documenting production releases. You can cut/paste from it into a new twiki release document and add specifics for that release. Please do not change the template unless some general release changes are made that are not unique to a release.

Building a new release for distribution

Legacy gratia upgrade procedure at Fermilab

Upcoming releases

Gratia Release v1.10 - Spring 2012

Work and desiderata for FY 2012

Gratia Release v2.00 - not scheduled

Gratia Service Operation

All information required to install and operate the official OSG Gratia services may be found through the Gratia Service Operation Guide page.

Local FNAL-specific installation guide

warning These instructions will be obsolete soon! Intended solely for local installation here at FNAL with multiple collectors.

The ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) for the Gratia database can be see in the formats listed below. It should be noted that it is not a "complete" picture of all the relationships. Many of the foreign key relationships were deliberately left off in order to simplify the diagram. The intent is to show the main parent/child relationships only.

The software used to maintain the ERD diagram is called DeZign for Databases Professional Version 4.2.0 from Datanamic Solutions BV ( The source file for the various versions is in the Gratia CVS repository in ./gratia/docs/erd :

  • Gratia database ERD v1.13 source: gratia-v113.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v1.08 source: gratia-v108.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v1.06.9 source: gratia-v106-9.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v1.02 source: gratia-v102.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v1.00 source: gratia-v100.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v0.38 source: gratia-v038.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v0.36 source: gratia-v036.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v0.34 source: gratia-v034.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v0.30 source: gratia-v030.dez
  • Gratia database ERD v0.28 source: gratia-v028.dez

Readiness Plan for OSG 0.6

See AccountingReadinessPlan

Old References and Resources

OSG Accounting Requirements

Global Grid Forum Usage Record Working Group

XML Usage Record definition from GGF


  • Barry Varley, Usage Accounting in Distributed Stystems, for presentation at IEE Colloquium on Network Management, 4th October 1991
  • B. Aboba, J. Arkko, D. Harrington, Introduction to Accounting Management, RFC 2975, October 2000



  • Rajkumar Buyya and David Abramson and Jonathan Giddy. A Case for Economy Grid Architecture for Service Oriented Grid Computing. 10th IEEE International Heterogeneous Computing Workshop 2001
  • A. Barmouta and R. Buyya, GridBank: A Grid Accounting Services Architecture (GASA) for Distributed Systems Sharing and Integration, 26th Australian Computer Science Conference (ACSC2003) Adelaide, Australia Feb 2003.


  • Peter Garfjall, Accounting in Grid Environments, an architectural proposal and a prototype implementation, Master Thesis, 27 May 2004, Umea University, Sweden.
  • T. Sandholm, P. Gardfjell, E. Elmroth, L. Johnsson, and O. Mulmo. An OGSA-Based Accounting System for Allocation Enforcement across HPC Centers. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing. New York, USA, 15-19 November, 2004.
  • E. Elmroth, P. Gardfjell, O. Mulmo, and T.Sandholm. An OGSA-Based Bank Service for Grid Accounting Systems. In J. Wasniewksi et. al. (eds). Applied Parallel Computing. State-of-the-art in Scientific Computing. Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2004.





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