Document Owner Responsibilities

Each document in the Official OSG Documentation TWiki must have an Owner. Document Owners should also be familiar with the responsibilities of the Reviewers and Testers.

The owner of a document should have knowledge about the topic of the document and is responsible for:
  1. Creating the document (if it doesn't exist) in either the Documentation Web (for general, non-release dependent documents) or Release3 Web (for documents that tend to change with releases). When creating the document, a template can be chosen on the topic creation page via a drop down list. See document types for a description of the provided templates. After creating the document, you will be in the editor with the new page and you can edit the contents.
  2. Inserting and updating the Content Management Variables in the HTML block at the end of the document. The templates all contain the Content Management Variables but the values will need to be updated.
  3. Testing or ensuring that testing is done on the software and version the document applies to.
  4. Updating/improving the document. [For minor updates, you can just edit the released document. For an extensive rewrite, you may want to create a copy in a team web and replace the official document (using copy and paste) after you have had the new one reviewed.] Updates should be done when:
    1. Errors are discovered (typically by document users or the Trash/Trash/Integration or Documentation Teams).
    2. Users make comments in the document noting problems or improvements needed.
    3. Software or other changes make the document out of date.
    4. A new OSG release requires a change in the document.
    5. The document is identified by the Ongoing Evaluation/Improvement Process as needing improvement (up to 2 times a year).
  5. Working in collaboration with the Reviewer of the document to resolve issues identified by the Reviewer after each significant update. Set the REVIEW_READY variable to %YES% and the REVIEW_PASSED variable to %IN_PROGRESS% and email the reviewer to initiate the review.
  6. Working in collaboration with the Tester of the document to resolve issues from a test of procedures (if applicable). Set the TEST_READY variable to %YES% and the TEST_PASSED variable to %IN_PROGRESS% and email the tester to initiate the test.
  7. Setting the RELEASE_READY variable to %YES% when you and the reviewer [and Tester] are satisfied with the document.
  8. Notifying the Document Architect if unable to continue to fulfill the responsibilities of the Owner.


-- JamesWeichel - 06 Oct 2009

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