Document Tester Responsibilities

Procedural documents in the official OSG Documentation TWiki should have a Tester.

Each installation or procedure document in the OSG Documentation TWiki should be tested. The purpose of the test is to check if the documented procedures yield expected results when carried out. The Owner of a document will typically request involvement of a Tester when a document needs tested. A document needs to be tested:
  1. After it has been created.
  2. After major changes to the document have been made.
  3. Before major releases.
The Tester should preferably be a person that is not:
  1. The developer of the software or procedure described in the document.
  2. The Owner of the document.
The Tester of a document should only have a general knowledge about the topic of the document. To follow the instructions of the document, the tester must have access to facilities needed for the test (e.g. a local site resource or ITB resource). The Tester is responsible for:
  1. Performing a test (when the Owner marks the document TEST_READY and TEST_PASSED is IN_PROGRESS) of the instructions on the software and version the document is meant to be used with and noting any problems or anomalies.
  2. Updating the TEST_PASSED variable in the HTML block at the end of the document. Do this by editing the document using the Edit link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Working in collaboration with the Owner of the document to resolve issues from a test of procedures.
  4. Doing a final test (if necessary) after the issues are resolved to verify the procedure presented the document can be performed successfully and updating TEST_PASSED variable.
  5. Notifying the Document Architect if unable to continue to fulfill the responsibilities of the Tester.

The roles of the Reviewer and Tester are different! The Reviewer is only responsible to check documents for their readability, logical structure, and conformance to standards, while the Tester must apply the procedures as described in the document.


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