OSG Documentation Meeting

Meeting Info 20091103

Meeting Coordinates

Date Tuesday November 3, 2009
Time 11:00 am Central
Telephone Number 510-665-5437
Teleconference ID 2222


RobertEngel, TanyaLevshina, AbhishekSinghRana, IwonaSakrejda, MichaelThomas, JamesWeichel


BrianBockelman, SuchandraThapa.


1. Status of ReleaseDocumentationGsiFtpStandAlone

Waiting update for new install scripts?

2. Storage System Documentation

  • Tanya and Jim have drawn and/or discussed a logical, organizational, and physical view of the storage subsystem to identify what documentation needs to be added/changed.
  • The organizational view suggests we should focus specific documentation for:
    • Small VO (i.e. University)
    • CMS T3
    • ATLAS T3
  • Discussion of current storage documents in ReleaseDocumentation. See StorageDocReview.
  • Discussion of the current storage documents within the storage team area. (Hadoop documents are being created there now.) See StorageDocReview#StorageTeam

3. Next Steps

  1. Update ReleaseDocumentationGsiFtpStandAlone for new install scripts - Iwona by 11/4
  2. Review ReleaseDocumentationGsiFtpStandAlone when Iwona is finished - Tanya by 11/5
  3. Test ReleaseDocumentationGsiFtpStandAlone - Robert by 11/10
  4. Want to base structure of documentation on system architecture - Robert/Jim (Abhishek volunteered to coordinate with VOs when we are ready to make the structural change that will break incoming links to the documentation)
  5. Need to get TWiki skins and standard formatting for TWiki headings established - Robert/Jim
  6. Testing TWiki plugin to meet feature needs - See TechnologyUsed for a list of features and proposed technology - Robert/Kyle
  7. Review pages in StorageDocReview and annotate in red on the page - Tanya by 11/10.
  8. Complete analysis and then a proposal for Storage Documentation that can be reviewed - Tanya/Jim

-- JamesWeichel - 30 Oct 2009

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