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Date Friday Dec 3, 2010
Time 02:00 PM Central
Telephone Number 866-740-1260
Teleconference ID 9030201


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  • status reports for document areas
    • Compute Element ( Suchandra )
Quite a few pages have been deleted from the compute element section. There's a few more pages from the action items list that need to be improved but this effort has been slowed down by travel and vacation by quite a few ITB member (Horst, Karthik). Steve will apparently be able to take over some of Iwona's effort but I'm getting the details on this.
    • Integration ( Suchandra )
All the integration pages have been reviewed and tested except for one. The last page just needs a review and check off from someone in the information group before it completes the process. This should be done this week.
    • Storage ( Tanya )
      • Jeff Dost has now write access to twiki. He will work hadoop documentation and testing current instructions
      • Doug is working on RSV storage related documents so remaining work will take some time
      • Waiting for Robert's approval to release Bestman documents
      • On my list: Bestman documents with Trash/Tier3 documentation (will be done after 12/9)
      • Won't be able to get much work done before Brazil school
    • User Documentation ( Brian )
    • Tier3 ( Marco )
    • Security ( James )
All security pages have been reviewed and tested but two. The last two pages had to deal with getting certificates, and a new process was recently created that changes the way certs are requested via a web page. Anand and I met this morning on what changed and how we wanted the new documentation layed out. Both of us has changes to make on the pages and then each of them will be reviewed again. These should be done by early next week.
    • Operations ( Elizabeth )
    • VO ( Terrence Martin )

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