OSG Documentation Meeting


Date Friday September 30, 2011
Time 01:00 PM Central
Telephone Number 866-740-1260
Teleconference ID 8402687


Not Attending


  • Status of new RPM documents - quick pass through documentation lines in RPMTimeline Jim to move Security area to top of priority list
  • Ownership status - People who Own Documents? Tanya said to put Doug Strain in as owner of the documents she and Ted own. (Jim will make the ownership changes.) When Neha returns on Nov. 3, Doug can reassign appropriate documents to Neha.
  • Temp Document Moves to Release3 - Where should Software team documents reside? Alain with move these to the Software Team web. Jim will put the links in RPMTempDocuments into the Release3 WebHome
  • How will setup.sh work with RPMs? Alain explained setup.sh is not required. A dummy (null) setup.sh will be provided for user jobs that reference it so they will not fail because of a missing setup.sh.
  • Planning for RPMDocFest? We reviewed the plans and made a few minor changes/updates
  • Jim thanked Robert for his contribution to the Content Management Project and noted that the software for managing documentation was well written, efficient (especially with the latest enhancements), organized, and well documented.

-- JamesWeichel - 28 Sep 2009

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