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This document is intended as a reference on specific tasks for users who already have a certificate. Users who need a new certificate should instead go to the Getting a User Certificate page.

Replacing an Expired Certificate

This section applies if you had a certificate from DOEgrids CA previously and the certificate is expired after a year. You need to get a new certificate, but you want have the same DN since then you can continue accessing resources without any re-configuration or changes.

Follow the steps for getting a new certificate but enter your old DN in the "Expired DN" field.

How to find your old DN:

With openssl:

  1. Create a pem format certificate from the p12 format certificate that you had exported:
         openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -in usercred.p12 -out usercert.pem   
  2. Get the DN from this:
            openssl x509 -noout -subject -in usercert.pem   

In Firefox:

  1. Go to go to Options/Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates -> Your Certificates
  2. Double click on your certificate.
  3. Then click on "Details", select "Subject" from the list in the middle, and "Field Value" in the box at the bottom is your subject.

* For assistance with renewing OSG PKI certificates please contact osg-ra@opensciencegrid.org

Importing a p12 Certificate from Disk

Here is how to import your certificate to another installation of Firefox.

  1. Copy your p12 Certificate to the disk where the other Firefox is running.
  2. In Firefox, go to Options/Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates -> [ Your Certificates | Authorities ]
    and click on the "Import" button. Use the "Your Certificates" pane for a personal certificate, and "Authorities" for a CA certificate. Screenshot Hide
  3. Navigate to the certificate location and "Open" it.
  4. Type in the password you used when you exported the certificate.
  5. Finally you will get a message that the import worked:
    And the newly imported certificate should show up in Firefox's Certificate Manager window, which in Step 2 was empty.

Revoking your certificate

For instructions on revoking your user certificate refer to the Revoking a Certificate page.

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