Condor Information

Options for Installing Condor

You can install Condor from at least three places:

  1. Condor from the OSG repository (probably the default if you let yum trigger the installation).
    We provide Condor in the OSG repository. We've borrowed the RPM from Fedora, (by which we mean that we've copied their source RPM and rebuilt it against the version of Globus which we provide). This version of Condor provides most of Condor's functionality, except for Standard Universe and Condor-G support for CREAM and NorduGrid. Install directions
  2. Condor RPM from the Condor Team
    You can install Condor from the Condor Team's yum repository.
    Caveat 1
    This only works if you install Condor 7.6 or later.
    Caveat 2
    You should tell yum not to take Condor from our repository to ensure it will never replace the one you installed. To do this, edit /etc/yum.repos.d/osg.repo to add the following line:
    exclude=condor empty-condor*
  3. You can install Condor from a binary tarball (from the Condor Team, as documented in the manual) or build it from source.
    These installations can be installed in an arbitrary location on your CE.

Option 3 works if you do a bit of upfront effort because some RPMs in the OSG repository depend on having Condor installed via RPM, but option 3 will not appear to provide Condor via RPM. In order to convince RPM that you have installed Condor and satisfy the dependencies of the OSG packages, you can install a "dummy" RPM called empty-condor. This will convince RPM to be happy but will but will not actually provide Condor. To do this:

[root@client ~]$ yum --enablerepo=osg-testing install empty-condor

What needs Condor?

Several packages in the OSG software repository require Condor to be installed via RPM (or appear to have been installed via RPM, as described above). If you install one of the following and have no Condor installed (not even the empty-condor), then yum will automatically ask you to install Condor, probably from the OSG repository. This will work fine with the limitations described in option 1 above. The packages are:

  1. The osg-ce-condor package requires Condor. It installs the GRAM jobmanager for Condor and the Gratia probe for Condor, both of which require Condor to be installed.
  2. The globus-gram-job-manager-managedfork package (Managed Fork) requires Condor.
  3. The osg-client-condor package requires Condor. The only difference between osg-client and osg-client-condor is the inclusion of Condor. If you want to use your own version of Condor with the client, simply install the osg-client package.
  4. The glexec package (indirectly) depends on a subset of Condor, the condor_procd, which is used to track processes created by glexec so they can be reliably killed. The OSG RPM for Condor provides a separate package for the procd that doesn't require you to install all of Condor, while the Condor Team's RPM for Condor requires you to install all of Condor if you want just the condor_procd.


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