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hand This document is for grid users. It lists environment variables present in a job's environment while it is being executed on a Worker Node.

Conventions used in this Document

For variables that are of string type, a value of UNAVAILABLE indicates that the variable is not defined or not applicable.

Site Related Variables

These are variables that contain information about the site:

Variable Name Type Definition
OSG_GROUP Enumerated String [OSG,OSG-ITB] Group that the site belongs to, should be OSG unless the site is being used for validation or integration testing only
OSG_HOSTNAME String Hostname for the CE (e.g.
OSG_SITE_NAME String Identifier for the site. This is will be used for displaying the site by monitoring tools. Valid characters are letters, numbers, underscore, dot, and dash ( A-Z,a-z,0-9,_,.,- )
OSG_SPONSOR Enumerated String Valid VO(s) that sponsors the site. Multiple VOs can be specified with the percent sponsorship by each sponsor, e.g. "usatlas:50 uscms:50"
OSG_SITE_INFO String (URL) Valid url that gives the site policy for OSG usage.
OSG_CONTACT_NAME String The name of the administrative contact for the site
OSG_CONTACT_EMAIL String Valid email address for the administrative contact. Notifications from scripts will be sent to this email address
OSG_SITE_CITY String Name of the city where the OSG site is located
OSG_SITE_COUNTRY String Name of the country where the OSG site is located
OSG_SITE_LONGITUDE Float The site's longitude (will be negative for locations west of Greenwich)
OSG_SITE_LATITUDE Float The site's latitude (will be negative for locations south of the equator)
GLOBUS_LOCATION String Path to the directory where the Globus software is installed (usually /usr)
OSG_USER_VO_MAP String Path to the location of the osg-user-vo-map.txt file, typically /var/lib/osg/user-vo-map
OSG_GRIDFTP_LOG String Path to the location of the grid ftp log created by gridftp server , typically /var/log/gridftp.log

Storage Related Variables

The storage related variables are defined in more detail within the local storage configuration document. The following is a summary, but the Twiki page should be consulted for a definitive view as well as for an explanation for the use cases and which variables must be defined for each use case.

Variable Name Type Definition
OSG_STORAGE_ELEMENT Enumerated String [y,n] Indicates whether a storage element is available for CEs in the site.
OSG_DEFAULT_SE String Full url to the default storage element that can be used by worker nodes within the cluster
OSG_GRID String Directory where the worker node client (wn-client) or packages to use the grid are installed
OSG_APP String Directory available to install job specific applications and binaries. This also requires a sub-directory, $OSG_APP/etc, with 1777 permissions.
OSG_DATA String Directory available for jobs to store data and to stage data in and out, this directory is shared across the cluster
OSG_WN_TMP String Directory available for scratch space for worker nodes. This directory is local to each node and provides POSIX semantics for file operations

Job Manager Variables

These variables are a subset of the site variables that relate to the batch job manager used by the site. Several of the variables will be empty for all sites since a site typically only uses a single job manager to manage jobs.

Variable Name Type Definition
OSG_JOB_MANAGER Enumerated String [condor,pbs,lsf,fbs,sge] The job manager that is being used to schedule and manage jobs for the OSG site
OSG_JOB_MANAGER_HOME String Directory where the job manager is installed
OSG_CONDOR_LOCATION String Installation directory for Condor (typically OSG_JOB_MANAGER_HOME)
OSG_CONDOR_CONFIG String Path of the condor configuration file (typically OSG_CONDOR_LOCATION/etc/condor_config)
OSG_PBS_LOCATION String Installation directory for PBS (typically OSG_JOB_MANAGER_HOME)
OSG_FBS_LOCATION String Installation directory for FBS (typically OSG_JOB_MANAGER_HOME)
OSG_SGE_LOCATION String Installation directory for SGE (typically OSG_JOB_MANAGER_HOME)
OSG_SGE_ROOT String Directory that serves as the SGE root location
OSG_LSF_LOCATION String Installation directory for LSF (typically OSG_JOB_MANAGER_HOME)
OSG_JOB_CONTACT String String specifying the endpoint to use within the job submission for reaching the site (e.g. )
OSG_UTIL_CONTACT String String specifying the endpoint to use to test whether the site is available for debugging or monitoring purposes (e.g. )
OSG_MANAGEDFORK Enumerated String [y,n] Indicates whether ReleaseDocumentationManagedFork is being used. If this is the case then OSG_CONDOR_LOCATION and OSG_CONDOR_CONFIG must be set as well regardless of the value of OSG_JOB_MANAGER

Monitoring Service Variables


These variables are related to the Trash.ReleaseDocumentationMonALISA service and the services that it queries. These are all deprecated and will not work at most sites

Variable Name Type Definition
OSG_MONALISA_SERVICE Enumerated String [y,n] Indicates whether Trash.ReleaseDocumentationMonALISA is running on the CE
OSG_VO_MODULES Enumerated String [y,n] Indicates whether Trash.ReleaseDocumentationMonALISA should run OSG VO modules
OSG_GANGLIA_SUPPORT Enumerated String [y,n] Indicates whether Trash.ReleaseDocumentationMonALISA will use ganglia
OSG_GANGLIA_HOST String The hostname of the machine where ganglia for the site is running
OSG_GANGLIA_PORT Integer The port that ganglia is available at on OSG_GANGLIA_HOST

Squid Service Variables

These variables provide information about the squid proxy that site may make available.

Variable Name Type Definition
OSG_SQUID_LOCATION String The hostname (and optionally port) of the machine that is providing squid proxy services for the site. This should be set to UNAVAILABLE if squid is not provided. E.g.
OSG_SQUID_POLICY Enumerated String [LRU,LFUDA,GDSF] The caching policy squid should use for evicting elements from the cache. Not currently used GDSF maximizes the bytes that the proxy caches (i.e. the cache favors large elements over multiple smaller elements) , LFUDA maximizes the number of objects that the proxy caches (i.e. the cache favors multiple smaller elements over large elements), LRU just evicts the least recently used element
OSG_SQUID_CACHE_SIZE integer with optional MB or GB postfixes The size of the squid disk cache. The size is assumed to be in megabytes unless a postfix is given.
OSG_SQUID_MEM_CACHE integer with optional MB or GB postfixes The size of the squid memory cache. The size is assumed to be in megabytes unless a postfix is given.

Other Service Variables

These variables provide information about other services that may be available on the site.

Variable Name Type Definition
OSG_GLEXEC_LOCATION String The path to the GLEXEC binaries on the worker nodes. This is set to UNAVAILABLE if GLEXEC is not installed.

Example Environment

The following is an example configuration from Nebraska.

[user@client ~]$ globus-job-run /usr/bin/printenv | sort


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