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Welcome to OSG Security

Security Awareness for OSG Participants



Security Best Practices

  • Security Best Practices - Documents security practices recommended by the OSG Security Team.
  • Security risks on the CE - Covers what security risk is, and how that applies to the different aspects of the OSG.
  • How to ban a user at a site - Describes the different methods of how to ban users in OSG whether sites are using GUMS or gridmap files for authorization.
  • SshHostsAllow - Covers how site administrators can configure their hosts.allow and hosts.deny files to limit the outside locations that can connect to their site with SSH.
  • MaintainVOInformation - Describes how sites can keep the pertinent user authorization information up-to-date at their site.
  • BasicForensics - Covers some basic steps one can take to get started when investigating an incident on a machine used in the OSG.
  • ApplySecurityUpdates - Document describes the notification process and shows examples for updating the VDT/OSG software.

Pre Release3 References

  • ValidateVoAccess? - Provides information necessary to determine if your gatekeeper is configured to support all VOs and users that you intend to support
  • ReleaseDocumentationCaCertificatesInstall - Contains the procedure to install certificates from Certificate Authorities recognized by the Open Science Grid.
  • CaCertificatesUpdates - Document locates in one page all of the information for installation of the CA certificate updating process.
  • MaintainCAInformation? - Describes the importance of keeping the CA information at sites up-to-date and then covers the scripts and process for implementing it on machines.


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