Virtual Organizations

About this Document

This document is meant as a hub and starting point for groups who wish to create a new Virtual Organization(VO) in the Open Science Grid.

About Virtual Organizations

VO Service Installation

This section lists the documents related to the installation of the VOMS service. The VOMS service is what provides individual sites with the list of users for a particular VO. This information is downloaded by an OSG site with their GUMS service, or a cron script, if they are running their site with a grid mapfile.

GUMS Installation

The Grid User Mapping Service runs usually on an individual OSG site. The GUMS server downloads periodically an updated list of user Distinguished Names (DN) from each VOs VOMS Service for which it is configured. GUMS then uses the downloaded DN in combination with a set of rules to map a specific user DN to a local account.

Local VOMS Operation

Local Site Operation



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