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Generic Information Provider

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The Open Science Grid (OSG) Generic Information Provider (GIP) is a core part of the OSG Information Infrastructure. It should be configured carefully by the resource administrator to correctly publish the information about the site. Information collected by the GIP is sent through CEMON to both a central LDAP (BDII) server and a Resource Selection Service (RESS) Server.

The GIP is a grid information service that aggregates static and dynamic resource information for use with LDAP-based information systems. The GIP produces information based on the GLUE Schema.

Installing and configuring GIP (Generic Information Provider)

The GIP is automatically installed when you install the OSG Compute Element (CE). Configuration procedures are generally the same as for the rest of the CE components, e.g. modify the ini files in /etc/osg/config.d. A full explanation can be found in:

Overriding Generic Information Provider (GIP)

In rare cases, a site may want or need to override the output generated by GIP. In that case instructions for overriding GIP output can be found in:

Generic Information Provider (GIP) for Storage Elements

ATLAS has a use case where they would like to have a site with only an SE be listed in the BDII (for FTS). In this case it is necessary to run GIP on the SE instead of the customary CE location.

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