Gratia is used for accounting of jobs and data transfers in OSG. There are individual Gratia probes at sites that collect data as well as Gratia services that collect data. The data is sent to a Gratia service (aka Collector), by default to the central Gratia service maintained by OSG, but other local Gratia services can be installed, receive the data and optionally forward it also to the central one.

The information stored in Gratia can be accessed using web clients like the the OSG Display or Gratia-Webtool. Otherwise you can subscribe to the regular Email reports.

  • If you are interested in browsing the data stored in Gratia, please check the links in in the previous paragraph or contact Gratia oprerations if you have special needs.
  • If you are installing/configuring Gratia probes or Gratia services, please check the Sysadmin Documents below for the components of your interest
  • If you are developing a probe or Gratia services then you may be interested in reading most of this document and the linked ones.


Sysadmin Documents

This section gives a description of the Gratia system and presents documents to install, configure and troubleshoot components of the Gratia system.

Gratia Probes

Currently, there are 15 probes that can report to Gratia. The probes could be subdivided into several major categories:
  1. Local Batch System probe. A probe specific to to the type of site's batch system is running at each grid site. It collects information about finished jobs. Condor, Torque(PBS), LSF, SGE and Slurm Batch Systems are supported. The probes are installed with installation of a Compute Element.
  2. Transfer Probes. A probe collects information about the file transfers from/to Storage installed at each grid site. GridFTP, dCache, xrootd, hadoop transfer probes are supported. A probe is installed with installation of a Storage Element.
  3. Storage Probes.A probe gathers information about physical and logical pools utilization of a Storage installed at each grid site. dCache, xrootd, hadoop storage probe are supported. A probe is installed with installation of a Storage Element.
  4. Worker Node Probes.The probes that may be installed on a worker node are ps-acctounting probe and glexec probes. ps-accounting probe collects unix accounting information about finished processes ran by user. Glexec probe reports information about identity of the user running jobs via glidein pilot. More information about glexec could be found here.

Installation, setup and troubleshooting of the Gratia probes

Gratia Service and Reporting

Installation and Troubleshooting of the Gratia Service (aka Collector)

Email Reporting and Web displays

Gratia Web (Monitoring and Metrics)

Additional Documents for Developers

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