Grid User Accounts

hand The Open Science Grid provides access to compute and storage resources using X509 Grid User Certificates which are part of a Public Key Infrastructure. Grid User Certificates are just another form of authorization and are as easy to use as passwords or ssh keys. The technical details and the implementation of the public key infrastructure do not need to be a concern to the grid user.

Each Grid User Certificate is associated with a Distinguished Name; a unique string containing the full name of the grid user for identification. This DN is used by resource providers to map grid users to local Unix accounts on the compute and storage resources.

Apply for a Grid User Certificate

The way to apply for a Grid User Certificate is using your web browser. Once the Grid Certificate is issued you may export and install it on a Unix resource to use it.

  • create and link documentation how to export a grid user certificate from a web browser
  • create and link documentation how to import a grid user certificate into a web browser
  • link documentation how to install a grid certificate on a Unix resource

Test your Grid User Certificate

Install the OSG Client Tools on a Unix resource to test your Grid User Certificate and to access compute and storage resources provided by the Open Science Grid.

A Word of Advice

Your Grid User Certificate potentially provides you access to large amounts of compute cycles and storage space. Safeguard your Grid User Certificate and associated password with the same care used to protect your Social Security Number or Bank Account Information. Your responsibilities are detailed in User Responsibilities. Contact the Grid Operation Center if you suspect your Grid User Certificate has been compromised!



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