Resource and Service Validation (RSV) Service

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This is documentation for RSV for OSG 3. RSV documentation for OSG 1.0 and 1.2 is available here?.

RSV Description

RSV Concepts

The Resource and Service Validation (RSV) software provides a scalable and easy to maintain resource/service monitoring infrastructure for an OSG site admin.

RSV Service Components

The components of RSV are:
  • RSV Client: The client allows OSG site administrators to run tests against their CEs/SEs. This provides a set of metrics to test the resource, Condor-Cron for scheduling, and a Gratia infrastructure for collecting and storing the results.
    • The RSV Client runs metrics at scheduled time intervals. It produces a simple webpage of local RSV results for a site administrator's viewing. It also has the capability to upload those probe results to a central collector (addressed next).
  • RSV Collector/Server: The server collects results from any number of RSV clients and stores them in a database. You can view these central results on the MyOSG-based RSV current status page. Other RSV-based choices are available in the Resource Group menu within MyOSG.
  • Periodic Availability Reports: The availability of all active registered OSG resources and the services running on each of those resources is calculated using the results received for critical metrics. Once a day, these availability numbers are published online and via email as explained here?. (More information: Outline of reports, Installation guide for GOC staff?).
  • RSV-SAM Transport: The WLCG RSV-SAM Transport infrastructure pushes out RSV results (for resources that are flagged to be part of the WLCG Interoperability agreement) from the GOC collector to WLCG's Service Availability Monitoring (SAM) system. More information on viewing these results is available here.

For site administrators

Installing and configuring RSV

RSV Troubleshooting

These documents list known issues, and are meant to help admins and GOC staff troubleshoot RSV issues:

Contact RSV Developers

See the contact Information page.

For Developers

RSV Probes


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