Troubleshooting osg-configure

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This document will help you troubleshoot problems with osg-configure.

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3 osg-configure: The big picture

osg-configure is used to configure services. As of this writing (April, 2011) it is used only to configure the Compute Element, but it may be used for other services in the future. It works by reading configuration files in /etc/osg/config/ and making appropriate changes to other configuration on your computer.

4 Common osg-configure Problems

4.1 osg-configure reports that you have not specified a valid sponsor VO

osg-configure sometimes reports that you have not specified a valid sponsor VO. For example:

[root@client ~]$ osg-configure -v
ERROR    Option 'sponsor' in section 'Site Information' located in /etc/osg/config.d/40-siteinfo.ini: VO name cdf not found
ERROR    Valid VO names are as follows:

The list of valid VO names varies. These are the names of VOs that osg-configure believes you can specify because you support them.

If you get this error, there are a few things to check:

  1. Is the VO authorized to use your site? Make sure that the VO is included in either your edg-mkgridmap configuration (i.e. /etc/edg-mkgridmap.conf) or your GUMS configuration.
    Note: You can see the list of VOs that appear to be supported in /var/lib/osg/supported-vo-list.
  2. Make sure that the appropriate user account(s) are created on your CE and worker nodes. If your edg-mkgridmap or GUMS configuration maps the VO to an account that does not exist on the CE, it can cause this error. You can see the list of accounts that don't exist but need to exist in order to support all the VOs you authorize in either:
    • If you use GUMS: /var/lib/osg/gums-undefined-accounts
    • If you use edg-mkgridmap: /var/lib/osg/undefined-accounts

5 Remember to run osg-configure!

Remember that it is not sufficient to edit the files in /etc/osg/config.d/, you need also to run osg-configure -c in order for the changes to take effect!

Then when you run osg-configure some configuration files gets overwritten and you loose the custom edits that you may have made:

  • the RSV probes that have been enabled and against which host these are running

6 Appendix: Important osg-configure files

This document cannot cover all the errors you might experience. If you need to look for more data, you can look at log files:

File Purpose
/var/log/osg/osg-configure.log Detailed log file produced when you run osg-configure

The most common RPMs you will see are:

RPM Purpose
gratia-probe-common Code shared between all Graita probes

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