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Running a Support Center

About this Document

This document describes the role of Support Centers in the OSG.

Purpose of Support Centers

The Open Science Grid has implemented a distributed structure of support among the Virtual Organizations (VO), Resource Providers (RP), Grid Service and Technology Providers, and the OSG Grid Operations Center. Operational support of users and VO workload is the responsibility of the VOs, provided through designated Support Centers. Each support center helps an indentified set of VOs' resource administrators. Support Centers must be registered as part of the OSG Operations.

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How to form a Support Center

A VO or a group of VOs will need to form a Support Center to act as operational support. It is up to the VO(s) to organize this.

What OSG expects from a Support Center

  • Register your Support Center with OSG.
  • Join the mailing list. (Instructions)
  • Send a representative to the weekly operations telephone conference call . Ops Meeting Notes and Agendas
  • Add information or links to VO specific information page? to document your support-related policies and practices for your users
  • Respond to problem reports or problems identified by the Grid Operations Center and assigned to you for resolution.
  • Track your problems in the GOC Ticketing System

How to interact with the VO(s) you support

When a user encounters a problem or has a question, the user should contact her VO Support Center or the Grid Operations Center.

How to interact with resources that your VO(s) use

  • Interaction at resource level is determined by the VO. Please contact your VO representative for more information.

How to interact with the Grid Operations Center (GOC) and other Support Centers

Problem reports or problems identified by the Grid Operations Center are assigned to the appropriate Support Center for resolution.

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