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OSG System Administrator Visitors Program

About this program

Sites in the Open Science Grid have been providing production-quality service for a several years now, and therefore their site administrators are fully trained in the installation, maintenance, and operation of grid middleware and associated services. At the same time, the OSG Grid Operation Center (GOC) has been providing reliable central services and support. OSG has increased activity with time, giving service to a high number of scientific projects and groups. Currently, OSG works with more than 100 facilities and more than 70 scientific projects. Production numbers average more than 10 million CPU hours per week.

On the another hand, the OSG community is strong enough to afford the development of many Grid software tools: workload management systems, accounting tools, security tools, etc.

Through this program OSG opens possibilities to create partnerships between sites, in particular between US and South American institutions, such as universities, laboratories and research institutions involved in grid activities. We aim to increase synergy between the OSG communities and to promote the implementation of Grid technology in research and academic centers.


Through this program, OSG offers the opportunity for South American site administrators to spend some time at some OSG facilities, as well as the Grid Operation Center (GOC). Visitors will work for a period of time in a production environment and develop expertise on how to operate such facilities at their home institutions. This program is open to university students and university graduates working as site administrators at Grid sites for their National Grid Infrastructures. Students participating in this program will be able to return to their local institutions with valuable new skills ready to be used in their day to day activities.

While visitors are at the hosting institutions, their progress will be monitored by OSG staff to ensure the goals are being accomplished and the visitors are getting the expected training and orientation. If the work done by the visitor qualifies, and he or she writes a document describing the task done and the goal accomplished, this document can be included in the official OSG document repository.

OSG is an equal opportunity institution: all applicants will receive consideration without respect to race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, national origin or physical disability.


Applicants should send an email expressing which offer they are applying to. In case of interest in more than one, the candidate should specify the preference order. Candidates should attach with their email a cover letter in PDF format and a one-page resume in PDF format. Two reference letters in PDF fomat must be sent to the same email address.

Applications, documentation, and questions should be directed to visitorsprogram @

Deadline to apply is February 29th, 2012. Resolutions will be notified to the applicants on March 15st, 2012.

Those US institutions interested in hosting a visitor in the future should send a proposal to visitorsprogram @

Open positions:


Institution: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL)
Location: Batavia, Illinois
Contact person: Gabriele Garzoglio
Primary VO: fermigrid
Suggested dates: 3-6 months, around summer 2012
Tasks: The program can be built around the 3 focuses of the Grid and Cloud Computing department. (1) FermiGrid operations: work as a member of the FermiGrid group to run the day-to-day operations of the FermiGrid facility, a high performance, robust, highly available, expertly supported and documented Premier Grid Facility on the OSG. Help support high-availability services (including VOMS, GUMS, SAZ, Gratia, ReSS, MyProxy, Squid) and move forward the program of resource federation at Fermilab. (2) FermiCloud operations and commissioning: work with the FermiCloud team to operate and enhance scientific cloud services at Fermilab, commissioning infrastructure and contributing software modules to the OpenNebula community to fit the needs of a complex US national laboratory environment. (3) Grid Services development and integration: work as a member of the Distributed Offline Computing Services group to enhance facility infrastructure and common Grid services used throughout the OSG (including Gratia, Glidein WMS, OSG Public Storage (iRODS-based), 100 Gbps connectivity services).


Institution: OSG Grid Operations Center (GOC) at Indiana University
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Contact person: Rob Quick
Primary VO: OSG
Suggested dates: 3 months, from June to August, 2012 (dates are flexible if needed)
Tasks: Focus on Operational Tools and Building a Support Community for a major National Grid project. The selected candidate will work along side operations staff to troubleshoot production operational issues related to OSG User ticketed problems and OSG infrastructure tools. This includes all levels of support service from issuing credentials to in depth troubleshoot of resource and user problems. It will also include and introduction and hands-on experience with the services that make up the OSG Infrastructure including Information Systems (BDII), Administrative Systems (OIM Topology DB, Community Notification Tools, and Ticketing Services), Grid Monitoring (RSV and SAM), and other Operational Tools within a strict production environment.

Possible positions in the future (TBD):


Institution: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Location: Upton, NY
Contact person: John Hover
Primary VO: ATLAS
Tasks: Install and maintain large-scale grid site, including customized system management and monitoring infrastructure (e.g. Puppet, Nagios)


Institution: University of Florida
Contact person: Paul Avery
Primary VO: CMS


Institution: Harvard Medical School
Location: Boston
Contact person: Piotr Sliz
Primary VO: SBGrid
Tasks: focus on working with glidenis, tracking of job executions and grid troubleshooting

Long Term Sites Partnership


OSG is open to the establishment of long term relationships between OSG institutions and South American institutions. Through these long term partnerships, sites can agree on maintaining personnel exchange periodically and collaboratively define and accomplish research and development projects, etc. All institutions interested in the creation of a new long term collaboration program should send an email with the description of their offer and interests to visitorsprogram @ Their proposal will be evaluated and, if accepted, published in this web page for public announcement.

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