Materials for the OSG Summer School 2010

The school has now completed. A big thank you to everyone involved--it was an educational and fun experience!


Monday: Introduction to High Throughput Computing & Running jobs locally with Condor

Sometime today (you can choose when), please get a certificate. You don't need it today, but you'll need it Tuesday morning.

Monday Morning 1

Monday Morning 2

Monday Afternoon 1

Monday Afternoon 2

Tuesday: Grid Computing, Condor-G, OSG Matchmaker, & Storage

Tuesday Morning: Grids, Proxies, and Condor-G

Tuesday Afternoon 1: OSG Matchmaker

Tuesday Afternoon 2: Storage

Wednesday: Turning science problems into HTC jobs, Glide-ins

Wednesday Monday 1

Wednesday Afternoon 1: Distributed resource management and glide-ins

Wednesday Afternoon 2: Dealing with real resources

  • Dealing with real resources - Lecture ( OpenDoc, PDF )

Thursday: Topics in High-Throughput Computing

  • High-Throughput Computing, Miron Livny (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Security Risks in the Grid (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Security in OSG (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • An Introduction to (PDF)
  • High Throughput Computing to Help Us Understand Plant Genes (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Optical mapping reveals genomic structure, Steve Goldstein (PowerPoint, PDF)
  • High Throughput Computing for the IceCube Neutrino Observatory (Part 1, Part 2)
  • Where to go and what to do next--resources, funding & mentors (PowerPoint, PDF)
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