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OSG International Outreach and Education for Young Researchers with Scandinavia

OSG's international outreach and education activities with Scandinavia have three activities which cover different groups of young researchers and groups with whom we are collaborating.

Interoperation of the NorduGrid Distributed Facility and Open Science Grid

Information and Discovery Services Workshop

This activity involves visits to the NorduGrid Distributed Facility (NGDF) groups by OSG researchers to work on the next phase of interoperability to ensure transparent access across the two infrastructures for data movement and job scheduling. The first activity is to ensure interpretable and interoperable Information Services.

The following junior faculty from OSG, with their students, are participating in this activity:

  • Adriana Iamnitchi, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida
  • Shaowen Wang, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Ph. D. The University of Iowa

The following junior researchers from the US DOE Laboratories and the Globus project are also participating:

  • Jenny Schopf, Laura Pearlman, Globus
  • Gabriele Garzoglio, Steve Timm, Fermilab

Application support for the IceCube collaboration

The second activity will demonstrate IceCube applications running across the NorduGrid and OSG infrastructures. Researchers at Stockholm University are part of the IceCube science collaboration. Junior faculty from the University of Wisconsin (coordinated through Albrecht Karleand) and the University of Maryland (coordinated through Nick Hadley and Greg Sullivan) will be involved.

Joint Grid Training

At the heart of the Open Science Grid education and training program is the Grid Training Workshop, which will be extended from the successful annual Summer Grid Workshop held for the past few years, and which will be run more frequently during the year. The 2006 Summer Grid Workshop is coordinated by Mike Wilde and includes >45 students from the US and offshore.

In Europe a larger, and equivalently successful, school is the International Summer School on Grid Computing is sponsored jointly by EGEE and GGF. Members of the OSG from Condor and Globus already contribute as organizers and lecturers at this school.

We will select 5-7 alumni each year from the Grid Workshop to attend the International Summer school. These students would attend both schools and provide a written report and feedback on their experiences, which we will use as input to make the US school more productive and effective. We will encourage common training segments between the 2 Grid schools, and sponsor the attendance of a US junior faculty instructor at the International School (University of Chicago, ISI and University of Wisconsin are potential participants.) to the between the We will also ask the students to make presentations to the OSG Executive Board and Council on the opportunities they see for using the resutls of their training.

-- RuthPordes - 30 Nov 2006

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