Summer Grid Workshop 2006 Syllabus


  • Welcome to UT Brownsville and the Workshop: Dr. Manuela Campanelli, Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Department of Physics, University of Texas, Brownsville.
  • Welcome - from Ruth Pordes, Executive Director, Open Science Grid
  • Workshop overview - Mike Wilde, Director of Education, Outreach and Training, Open Science Grid

Lecture 1 - Monday AM: Grid Intro and Fundamentals Review

  • Topics: Networking concepts review, Clusters, Grids, e-Science, fundamental Grid components and Technologies
  • Instructor: Dr. Gabrielle Allen
  • Hands-on: Get familiar with the laptop and laboratory environment, explore basic Grid access
  • Lecture (ppt)
  • Lab exercises

Lecture 2 - Monday PM: Grid Security

  • Topics: Grid security infrastructure, authentication, authorization, VO management, proxies, delegation
  • Instructor: Rachana Ananthakrishnan
  • Hands-on: Request, sign and explore certificates, create proxies, manage proxies in MyProxy
  • Lecture (ppt)
  • Lab exercises

Lecture 3 - Monday PM: Grid Applications - Methods and Case Studies

  • Topics: A survey of Grid Applications, methods for moving applications to the Grid; case studies.
  • Instructor: Dr. Gabrielle Allen
  • Hands-on: Request, sign and explore certificates, create proxies, manage proxies in MyProxy
  • Lab exercises?

Lecture 4 - Tuesday AM: Grid data management

  • Topics: GridFTP, I/O performance issues, reliable file transfer service, Replication and replica catalog services, Metadata
  • Instructor: Ben Clifford
  • Hands-on: GridFTP, 3rd party transfers, performance issues, RLS, MCS
  • Lecture (ppt)
  • Lab exercises

Lecture 5 - Tuesday PM: Grid resource management

Lecture 6 - Wednesday AM: Grid Application Frameworks

  • (to do: integrate the links below into the list above)

Lecture 7 - Wednesday PM: Building, Monitoring, Maintaining and using the National Grid Infrastructure

  • Topics: Open Science Grid, TeraGrid, Grid deployment and administration, Grid monitoring and troubleshooting, Grid scheduling
  • Instructor: Dr. Jorge L. Rodriguez
  • Lecture (ppt)
  • Lab exercises
  • Grid Lab Sites

Lecture 8 - Thursday AM: Science Workflow on the Grid

  • Topics: Workflow, data provenance, virtual data, and location independent computing.
  • Instructor: Mike Wilde
  • Hands-on exercises: Running workflows on multiple resources
  • Lecture (ppt)
  • Lab exercises PRELIM

Discussion Session - questions, next steps, applying Cyberinfrastructure to your work

Lab 9 - Thursday PM: Lab Session - putting it all together

  • Topics: Running an application and workflow on remote Grid resources, porting your applications to the Grid.

Lecture 10 - Friday AM: Web Services, the Resource Framework and the Grid

  • Topics: Web Services, the Resource Framework and the Grid (GT4)
  • Instructor: Ben Clifford
  • Hands-on: Create and run a basic WS-RF service

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