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OSG Integration Activity

by SuchandraThapa
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The WebHome and SiteCoordination are part of the OSG Facility Project. See ProjectPlanning for more information.


Integration Objectives and Scope This OSG Consortium Activity integrates the middleware services, develops processes for and performs validation and certification in advance of OSG deployments, devises best practices for configuration management, establishes a framework for releases, and coordinates the OSG Integration Testbed (ITB). This include work in the Interoperability between OSG and EGEE.

OSG Integration Project The OSG IntegrationProject delivers the core ValidationTestbed (VTB) for first pass systems-level integration and validation of VDT services and tools. The porgram of work and effort reports are described in IntegrationProject.

OSG Sites Coordination has been organized to help OSG site administrators with their deployments. See: SiteCoordination.

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Contact Information

  • ITB Coordinator: SuchandraThapa
  • VTB Coordinator:
  • Mail list ( osg-int at opensciencegrid dot org) and archive
  • ITB weekly meetings: Thursdays 2:30pm Central Phone Number 510-665-5437 Meeting ID 1212

CILogon Transition

ITB Robot Testing Infrastructure

There is currently an ongoing effort to set up a test framewok for ITB sites that will allow ITB admins to run a suite of tests on their site.

ITB Releases

NewOSGServices describes the process for integrating new services into the OSG. An ITB release is defined as a set of services provided by a site (gatekeeper services running on a computing element), VO-specific services provided by that VO, such as a VOMS server), or another resource provider, such as group providing a monitoring or discovery service that may be used in the context of the ITB. Client packages and libraries for use with an ITB release are provided by VDT releases - either the VDT Client distribution or sub-sets as needed by the client application or user.

Software change proposals

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Integration Web Tools

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