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Resource Name

Each OSG resource needs a unique name by which services and resources may refer to the resource. This name will be displayed on the Resource Catalog and used in tables for other monitoring and accounting. For example, the resource at University of New Mexico has a unique name of UNM_HPC.

The default name in most configuration scripts is the hostname of the node the installation is performed on. Do not use this name.

It is important that system administrators use the same Resource Name in all locations including the registration step, this will allow the Grid Operations Center (GOC) to validate monitoring systems and other grid services

This unique name may be requested at several points during the installation process and may be referred to as:

  • resource name
  • site name

Currently the complete list of Resource Names from the OSG Registration DB is the authoritative list of names. The VO Resource Selector (VORS) system also contain a list of current resource names across both the OSG and ITB, and can be used to determine names already in use.

For a list of the resource names already in use, you may view:

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