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Reusing Configuration Information

How to reuse configuration information

If you are doing a major update (from one VDT version to another, but not a minor update, such as VDT 1.10.98a to VDT 1.10.98b), you can automatically reuse some of the configuration information from the old version in your new installation.

The basic process for the installation is the same as it is documented elsewhere. Note that the old installation must be on the same computer as the new installation you will be doing: You will do the new installation in a different location than the old location, and refer to the old installation. The old installation will not be erased as part of the new installation. This is unlike RPM which only has a single installation at a time.

The VDT web page documents how to reuse configuration in detail. The basic procedure is that you define an environment variable ($OLD_VDT_LOCATION) to point at the old installation before you do the installation, and the VDT installation process will copy some of the configuration from the old installation.

In addition, you can also use the extract feature of to create an ini file that has the configuration settings from your previous install. Once you've set $OLD_VDT_LOCATION, you can then run $VDT_LOCATION/monitoring/ -e to create extracted-config.ini in your current working directory that will have the settings from the previous installation. You may need to edit this file to add new information and make sure the settings are still valid before you use it.

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