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VOMRS validation

There are several tests you have to perform in order to ferify that VOMRS is operational.

  • Verify that vomrs server is running:
> source $VDT_LOCATION/setup.sh
> service vomrs status
...output follows.. 
Status VORegistrationServer(vdt): Running...pid=22184      [  OK  ]
  • Verify that VOMRS webservices are accessible. As root user execute the following commands:
> source $VDT_LOCATION/setup.sh
> $VDT_LOCATION/vomrs/client/bin/vomrs_soapclient hostname 8443 vomrs/VO_NAME getCAs
 ...output follows.. 
- Client CN=http/osg-ress-3.fnal.gov, OU=Services, DC=doegrids, DC=org accepted
/C=AM/O=ArmeSFo/CN=ArmeSFo CA
/C=AT/O=AustrianGrid/OU=Certification Authority/CN=Certificate Issuer
/C=BE/O=BELNET/OU=BEGrid/CN=BEGrid CA/Email=gridca@belnet.be
/C=BR/O=ICPEDU/O=UFF BrGrid CA/CN=UFF Brazilian Grid Certification Authority
/C=CA/O=Grid/CN=Grid Canada Certificate Authority

  • Verify that you can access VOMRS WEB UI.

You have to have a valid certificate to be loaded into your bowser first

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