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ITBRPMTest Sites

CE details

Site Name Contact CE host worker nodes batch system authentication VOs supported
BNL_ITB_Test1 Xin 4 nodes condor GUMS All
FNAL__ITB SteveT 16 nodes/32 cores condor SAZ/GUMS (note, a voms-qualified proxy is required) All
FNAL_CMS_ITB Tony 3 nodes/3 cores/6 slots condor GUMS CMS, Dzero, Fermigrid, ops
OUHEP_ITB Horst Severini 9 nodes Condor grid-mapfile ATLAS, Dzero, CMS, DOSAR, LIGO, OSG
UC_ITB_PBS Suchandra 80 slots pbs GUMS All
UC_ITB_CONDOR Suchandra 80 slots condor GUMS All

SE details

Resource Name Storage Element Software Version SRM Version Contact Opportunistic Storage SRM node GridFTP node Storage Location Example-URL
BNL_ITB_Test1 BNL_TEST_SE dCache 2.2 Xin Zhao DONE /pnfs/ srm://
OUHEP_ITB OUHEP_ITB_SE BeStMan2 2.2 Horst Severini DONE /home/osg_data srm://
UC_ITB UC_ITB_SE_DCACHE dcache 2.2 Suchandra Thapa DONE /pnfs/ srm://
UC_ITB UC_ITB_SE_BESTMAN BeStMan-Xrootd 3.1 2.2 Suchandra Thapa DONE /xrootd/mount srm://
UC_ITB UC_ITB_SE_HADOOP BeStMan-HDFS 2.2 Suchandra Thapa DONE /xrootd/mount srm:// itbv-bmh1.uchicago.ed/srm/v2/server?SFN=/hdfs

-- SuchandraThapa - 04 Nov 2011

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