Minutes of the Integration meeting, December 21, 2006


  • Karthik A., Phillip C., Chris G., Leigh G., Burt H., David M., Anand P., Jeff P.,
  • Alain R., Horst S., Suchandra T., Shaowen W., Xin Z.
  • Apologies: Rob G.

Gratia testbed in the ITB

  • Latest status from Chris G:
    • Probe now installed and reporting at four ITB sites:
    • Twiki docs have been updated by Chris G. with community feedback.
    • Steve Timm raised an issue (mentioned by Chris G.) related to the use of ws-gram. When running ws-gram, the PBS master may not be running on the head node. Since Gratia requires access to the PBS logs, what is the best practice to configuring Gratia in this case? Since John W who has been testing ws-gram and Steve were unable to attend, we recommend Chris G and/or Phillipe C meet and propose a solution prior to the January 7 ITB meeting for presentation there and posting on the Gratia ITB Twiki.
  • Leigh provided insight into packaging underway: the Gratia-Probe package is the minimal installation required on a CE that is supporting Gratia and will by default send information to the FNAL reporter.
  • The Gratia-Reporting package is available for any VO or site that wants to configure their own aggregation point for reports. If you configure the Gratia-Reporting package currently you will pre-empt the FNAL rreporter from aggregating your reports!
  • The SGE probe is under development at NERSC and is not in the VDT 1.6.0 (Delivery maybe in Jan 07).
  • Alain has isssued an ACTION: CALL for Gratia testing on the VTB ASAP.
  • There needs to be a procedure that the Gratia people need to work out to preserve the probe DB for the sites that did early deployment via RPMs and soon will be doing an install from pacman. Chris will coordinate documenting this procedure and providing Alain with engineering notes to attempt a transition path for VDT 1.6.1 in January.

Squid installation and configuration issues

  • Burt pointed out that we need more configuration work to allow worker nodes to access the Squid proxy service.
    • Currently the env var OSG_HTTP_PROXY will be set by the configure-osg.sh script after installation of the CE. How will the osg-attributes.conf environement be propogated to the workernodes?

    • Documentation of one of the use cases, fetching CRLs has not been completed but FNAL has an instance of a Squid server configured and serving CRLs.
    • Possibly this can be supported via the VDT in VDT 1.6.1 ?

Improvements in most recent CEMon in VDT 1.6.0

Curl package in VDT 1.6.0

  • Leigh asked about the use case for Curl. Curl was added to the OSG worker node client. Is this the only place that this utility is required?
  • Alain: Atlas want to use Curl on the WNs.

Request from Xin Zhao for the availability of gsissh/gsiscp in the OSG/VDT packages.

  • Leigh said GSIOpenSSH? is available in the VDT, but not included in the OSG CE package.
  • David mentioned that there are both application and security teams that would need to consider OSG packaging.
  • Should not be enabled by default in the CE package.
  • This was discussed at the Executive Board meeting at Caltech. More precise direction is needed especially with regard to security concerns.
  • For now, USATLAS is evaluating and testing gsissh internally.

Open RT issues

State of the VDT report by Alain

  • VDT 1.6.0 has been released.

Any Other Business

  • Next ITB Meeting: January 4, 2007 (Thursday)

-- DavidMeyers - 21 Dec 2006

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