Minutes ITBDec 012011


  • Attendees: Suchandra, Alain, Xin, Anand, Steve, Tony, Horst,
  • Apologies:
  • Coordinates: Thursday, 2:30pm Central; 1-866-740-1260 Meeting ID 4503064

Persistent ITB Sites (Admins)

Last Update

  • BNL
    • Had a downtime and rearranged ITB VM servers
    • Installed 2nd CE with rpms packages
      • Reports to production and can run panda jobs
      • Need to go through another step to get panda jobs running
      • Step up site and waiting for site information can be repoplulated for panda, hopefully will get jobs running before end of week
    • Ran yum update on older CE
      • Update deleted previous condor and installed new condor
      • Getting BDII issues will send gip_info information to Tony for troubleshooting
  • FNAL
  • FNAL - CMS (Tony)
    • Updating site to latest versions of rpms
    • Working on digicert testing / sort of stuck halfway due to issue between GUMS and VOMS
    • Been running Brian's info service replacement for CEMON but will be switching to CEMON
    • Will run CMS jobs next week to make sure nothing has been broken
    • Waiting for 32bit rpm removal plugin
    • Doing globus online testing with BNL so won't be able to immediately switch over before ITB testing is completed
  • UC_ITB
    • Setup condor CE
    • PBS CE up and working after some tweaking
    • Working on getting ATLAS hammercloud jobs running on site

This Week

  • BNL
    • 2 CEs up with rpm packages
      • One for generic VO testing
        • Using digicert certs
        • May not be able to accept digicert personal certs
      • Another for ATLAS testing
        • Running hammercloud tests since Monday
        • Might have issues with wn-client rpms (specifically the lfc-python bindings) since it's using old ones from october
  • FNAL
    • ITB cluster taking final form
      • Condor up
      • Primarily testing digicert since last meeting
      • Digicert cert testing on gums server, ce, personal cert
      • VOMS server not working correctly and preventing voms-proxy-init
      • Setting up a saz server and voms server using digicert certs to see if same problems arise
      • fgitbgkc1.fnal.gov up and using digicert certs, can send to gatekeeper after giving DN so that it can be added to gridmap file
  • FNAL - CMS (Tony)
    • Running into problems with yum update due to lfc rpm dependencies
      • Tony and Marco are following up with Alain on this, should have been fixed but may not be
    • Switched to using cemon, encountered some unexpected behavior due to osg-configure not removing subscriptions
    • Stuck in halfway position with digicert testing due to VOMS issue
    • Tested removal plugin, mostly worked. Didn't remove everything but is
  • UC_ITB
    • 2 ITB gatekeepers up and running
    • VTB gatekeeper and GUMS up and using digicert host certs without issues
    • Was able to do a test with a digicert personal cert, VTB gatekeeper and GUMS without issues when using local mappings on GUMS service. Need VOMS server to do further testing.
    • Got glidein server running and will continue with testing using that.

Security/ITB Testing

  • Digicerts
    • Testing is at a standstill while the VOMS server is being corrected
    • RobQ? is investigating but hasn't found the cause yet (error seems to point to an error in the cert chain for digicert)
  • DOE CA certs
    • rpms with new CA certs all set, and in osg-development cache

ITB testing of RPMS

  • Sites participating:
    • BNL
    • FNAL
    • FNAL (CMS)
    • TTU
    • OUHEP
    • UC_ITB
    • UNL
    • Wisconson
  • Documentation
  • RPM Timeline
  • Bugs/Blockers
  • VO Testing
    • DOSAR is okay with checking off on software, issue with condor universe jobs appears to be due to 32/64bit or version mismatches
    • Fermigrid hasn't seen any issues yet
  • Updated globus-gram-job-manager will be available soon, Alain will send out a note when it's available


  • None

-- SuchandraThapa - 01 Dec 2011

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