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  • Attendees: Suchandra, Horst, Alain, Anupam
  • Apologies:
  • Coordinates: Thursday, 2:30pm Central; 1-866-740-1260 Meeting ID 4503064

Persistent ITB Sites (Admins)

Last Update

  • BNL
    • No changes
  • FNAL
    • No news
  • UC_ITB
    • Working on getting glidein factory running and apf
    • No other changes

This Week

  • BNL
  • FNAL
    • CE installed and working on configuration of CE
      • After install, two cron jobs were activated:
        • gratia-probe-condor activated
        • gratia-probe-gridftp activated
      • They send an email indicating that they are not configured
      • condor rpm depends on globus rpms - due to dynamic linking, vdt rpms are statically linked
        • need to note that sites using foreign condor need to exclude condor from osg repo
      • bwctl server automatically enabled
      • Had questions about how to configure rsv run times in condor_cron
  • UC_ITB
    • Two things of note when updating to latest ITB release * SEG dependency on torque-server rpm * gratia condor probe not reporting -- investigating whether this is due to misconfiguration or bug in gratia probe

Upcoming testing of OSG 3.0.6 release

  • Stil on track for release next week
  • A few changes going into osg-testing for osg-configure
  • Interested in gratia-condor changes and cleanup script operations and functionality


  • None

-- SuchandraThapa - 25 Jan 2012

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