Minutes of the Integration meeting, January 11, 2007


  • John W, Chris G., Ananand, Eric, Shaowen, Rob, Suchandra, Steve T., Burt, Alain, David M., John R, Forrest, Gabriele, Tanya, Doug, Karthik, Alan S, Rob Q

VTB software

  • Meetings
  • configure_gip and configure-osg-gip.sh finished by Anand, in VDT
  • configure-osg.sh being prepared by Suchandra
  • VTB cache: http://osg-vtb.uchicago.edu/
    • Has the latest of the above scripts
    • Still a few bugs - will respin the cache in a few minutes.
  • VTB testbed, ValidationTestbed <-- lets put a summary of validation tests there.
    • CEMon in VTB and ITB should go to osg-res-4.fnal.gov. See the same validation procedure that have been used in the ITB.
    • BDII collection: server-side not done yet, focusing on CE-configure script needs to be put into the VTB cache. EOB tomorrow. Shaowen will provide a validation recipe.
    • curl needs to go in workernode client
    • GRIS turned off - make sure is of configure-xxx scripts.
    • BDII update frequency - 5 mins like CEMon. Gabriele warns that John should check that the ldiff information is complete (since the Class Ad information does not pass everything along).

VTB site reports

  • UC: plan on install, setting up a GUMS server, a CE, will get a few Xen hosts up, and a few jobs submitted.
  • CIT: will install latest VTB, plus site-verify, Gratia and CEMon.
  • FNAL: configure-osg testing and Gratia.
  • LBNL: will be testing basic CE functionality and work on Gratia SGE probe; not sure when will do CEMon.
  • GOC: CEMon install and testing; BDII for ITB and VTB.

ITB 0.5.2 readiness

Gratia probes

  • Chris Green notes that from VDT the lsf job manager is required to be installed on the same machine as the Gratia probe. Alain will remove this dependency in the VDT (also for PBS). Condor - not sure, Alain will think about it (condor history needed, which must be run on the same machine).
  • Problems with pacman -uninstall of the probe gave problems. Alain will check into this.


RT Roundup

GUMS support issue

This is more an Operations issue, but Alan would like to see if others in the Integration group have experience with this:
These are actually OSG-specific problems with the currently distributed template at
 and not GUMS software setup problems.  (Sorry, I should have been more clear about this.)

I have sent a message to John Weigand and Rob Quick to check on these, as below at the bottom of this message.  Wanted to see if anyone
else in the ITB had encountered them and if so, what to do.


  • Documentation issue with the GUMS template - there is a bare template, and one in the vo package, but its hard to find this in the documentation.
  • Suggestion is to make the OSG GUMS installation to install the VDT and the VO package. Rob Q will make this change.


  • Next VTB meeting: Tueday, January 16, 2007
  • Next ITB meeting: Thursday, January 18, 2007

-- RobGardner - 11 Jan 2007

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