Minutes of the Integration meeting, May 17, 2007


  • Meeting attendees: Suchandra, Rob, John R, Alain, Jeff P, Horst, Karthik, Anand, Eric, Stu, Rob, Steve, Michael Thomas, Burt
  • Apologies: none

Imminent VDT release and VTB cycle

  • Hope VDT 1.7.0 release by Monday/Tuesday. Delayed by Globus security update. Only affects globus job managers, pre-ws. Probably not a high risk, but still would like to get sites updated. Other problem is with getting VOMS working on 64 bits.
  • Hope is that a pacman -update from an OSG 0.6 installation would work.
  • Suchandra reports that the VTB caches are ready.
  • In next couple of weeks start work on ITB readiness.
  • Schedule - Alain queries a slippage of a week or two.

WS gram testing

  • Updates to the WS gram testing activity on-going: Globus, UC, LBL, CIT
  • Martin still working on submits to UC Tier3 gatekeepers.
  • Suchandra is working on a script that grabs configuration files from submit and server hosts - and other parameters of the server. Will put this into SVN.
  • Jeff: running a series of tests varying MAX_PENDING_REQUESTS with simple jobs - no sensitivity. Running at t2dev-01 cluster, using osp2 site as a submit host.
  • Stu will submit a proposal to Burt to use the OSG 0.6


  • Discussion of privacy issues for wider spread deployment on next ITB release.
  • Update on packaging in VDT: its building correctly now; hope to get the configuration close; high priority to do this exercise in VTB.


  • Feedback on what tests they'd like to have performed on the EGEE PPS sites..
  • Need to make sure the PPS systems can run on ITB, and vice-versa. What tests should the PPS guys run on ITB that are strange/ out of sc
  • Start VORS site-verify test.
  • SAM - will have a first set of scripts; Rob Q will provide more info tomorrow.
  • Silence! implying consent.

GIP validator and the storage verify script

  • GROW validator being installed on a server at the GOC. Will point it to the ITB.
  • storage-verify : stuck right now. John thinks that site admins have a hard time debugging the GIP information.
  • Steve notes that there are several bugs in the perl GIP code. Alain will work with Anand to put these into updated VDT versions (either as un update to VDT 1.6 or for more significantly VDT 1.7).
  • Anand notes - please report any serious bugs found to him.
  • John notes that there is still some abiguity about how a site can advertise itself as


  • Edge services in VDT? Rated low priority by exec team - not going into next VDT.
  • Squid configuration - need to revisit how we are doing this in the default OSG configuration in light of Terrence's comments. OSG_SQUID_LOCATION environmental variable that is set in configure-osg that we presently force users to use that want to use a site's squid cache from programs such as wget. Should we set http_proxy directly, and not require users to use the environmental variable? Steve T thinks yes. UCSD thinks not. Discussed collecting more information in operations meetings - Rob Q will put this on the agenda of the next meeting(s). Alain will provide the recipe for setting http_proxy directly.

-- RobGardner - 15 May 2007

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