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Minutes of the Integration meeting, September 28, 2006


  • Gabriele, David, Ilya, Burt, Grow Guys, Karthik, Rob Q, Micheal T, Alain, Doug Olson, John Wiegand, Terrence Martin


NFS-lite - follow up (David)

  • LIGO has been validated on one Site UCSD
    • Some lingering issues which VDS is addressing with chmod
    • NFS-Lite requires "Wrapper" scripts to handle Remote IntialDir? Need to investigate issues around Condor's handling the Remote IntialDir? to understand impact and Condor feature being exersised.
  • NFS-Lite maybe able to be packaged as an Optional configuration from VDT. Need to understand wrapper scripts more throughly.
  • David will test against other sites.
  • Terrence will offer an updated in the next week.

BDII, configure-gip, CEMon issues - follow up

  • Gabriele wondered about a timeline for installation of CEMon on both ITB and subsequently on OSG production sites for a Dzero reprocessing whcih will begin in November.
  • Steve Timm has followup information regarding CPU consumption
  • BDII and CEMon both call the GIP scripts, BDII calls them upon request and CEMon calls them every 5mins.

VDT 1.4.0 Release

  • small updates, to this stable release
  • updates to CEMon to pull from GIP's
  • updates to allow CEMon to be more easily configured
  • ITB 0.5.1 will be available soon after the 1.4.0 Release
  • We will plan to have installation fest the week of Oct 9th or October 16th. An informal role call yeilded 8 sites which would be able to install this version.


Major updates:

-- LeighGrund - 28 Sep 2006

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