Minutes of the VTB meeting, January 16, 2007


  • Alain, Rob, Suchandra, Rob, Forrest, John W, Jeff, David, John

Meeting time

  • Defer till later.

VTB cache status (Suchandra)

  • Suchandra: was able to install the package with basic functionality okay; working on GUMS.
  • Changes today - gratia reporter package pulled out of the install.
  • John W:
    • Has lots of Gratia changes to go into vdt 1.6.1 (configure-gratia script changes)
    • Need to include this in configure-osg
  • David - not able to get gratia operational either; config issues. See ValidationTestbed for posting of his results.

CEMon collector status (John R)

  • All ready to go with cemon configure script.
  • BDII server for the ITB up and running and working correctly.
  • CEMon consumer now working correctly (this makes the file that uploads to the ITB BDII).
  • John W's site is having problems reporting, will work this offline with John R.
  • Has not validated whether the information is GIP info is complete - will consult with Anand.
  • David found problems with condor_status at his site which is necessary to validate proper reporting of Class Ads. Suchandra was successful, will post instructions on what he did to the VTB list.

Configure OSG script

  • configure-osg.sh pending issues: configure -gratia changes, otherwise ready to go.

Privacy issues with Gratia (Alain)

  • How to avoid surprises to site admins about how and what information is getting published to various places.
  • Alain's proposal will be to add an additional file.

VTB installation tests and issues (all)

ITB Cache (Rob Q)

  • No changes since Thursday. Will be ready to go once Alain is finished.
  • Release sequence:
    1. Alain incorporates final changes by afternoon tomorrow, then does overnight tests.
    2. Another round of VTB tests with Alain's final changes.
    3. Alain releases VDT 1.6.1
    4. Rob Q makes ITB 0.5.2 available to the validation group which installs and tests (using VTB-like procedures).
    5. ITB 0.5.2 release is announced after validation group completes its ITB 0.5.2 installation.

OSG attributes

  • John W thinks we need more information about the GIP questions being asked. Example is what is the answer to the default SE question.
  • Rob G notes this can be changed in the ITB 0.5.2 cycle.

RT Roundup

-- RobGardner - 16 Jan 2007

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