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Project Apr 13


  • 1pm Central / 11 am Pacific
  • Phone: 309-946-5300, #735188
  • Attending: Iwona, Suchandra, Rob, Marco, Keith
  • Apologies: Robert


  • Iwona - ran update backup scripts; will test client updates.
  • Manual updates - running the pacman commands one-by-one.
  • Steve and Suchandra are testing both
  • Robert will do the manual update.
  • Xin - is trying the automatic script.
  • No instructions sent on how to update the SE. Suchandra will check with Tim C, and will send out an email.
  • Gratia probe update tested and worked.
  • RSV testing - Iwona

SE validation table

  • Need to make client testing explicit. (Suchandra)

  • Suchandra needs to test patch
  • Send notification to osg-int

GUMS template testing in the ITB (Suchandra)

  • Make ITB package
  • Test that it works
  • Send notification to osg-int.

Documentation (Keith)

  • Gather minor things that need documenting
  • Will post to issues to RT


  • ITB092 release migration - get list by Thursday; freeze date.
  • Packages and caches prepared. Suchandra will send packages to Arvind on Wednesday
  • Monday pre-release testing:
    • Test 1: fresh OSG 1.0.1/VDT 1.10.1v - Suchandra on UC_ITB
    • Test 2: an update to an existing OSG 1.0.0 / VDT 1.10.1e CE; storage element: 1.10.1s (Iwona)

New dCache release

  • Delay till next week, post release.


  • Schedule set for this.


  • None.

-- RobGardner - 13 Apr 2009

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