OSG/GGUS Trouble Ticket Exchange


One goal of the interoperability group has been to complete an automated exchange of trouble tickets between the Open Science Grid Footprints (OSG FP) ticketing system and the Enabling Grids for E-SciencE (EGEE) Global Grid User Support (GGUS) Ticketing system. This document will attempt to explain the OSG procedures used to exchange tickets and record bugs and future plans.


  • At GGUS
    • A ticket is opened or updated in the GGUS system and assigned to the ROC_US.
  • At OSG FP
    • A cron job which runs a perl script is run every five minutes
    • If no mail is found the script exits
    • If mail is found the perl script parses the XML information
    • The script then check for an existing ticket by searching the FP Database for the ticket found in the mail
    • If a matching ticket is found the script formats an outgoing mail to the FP ticketing system which updates the existng FP ticket
    • If no matching ticket is found the script formats an outgoing mail to the FP ticketing system which opens a new FP ticket
  • The OSG GOC manually checks the ticket and either addresses the ticket or forwards it on to the appropriate OSG Support Center


  • At OSG
    • A ticket is opened or updated in teh OSG FP system
    • The OSG GOC manually decides the ticket needs to be sent or updated in GGUS
    • The OSG GOC runs a perl script on the OSG FP server which asks for a OSG FP Ticket number and if a new GGUS ticket should be created or an existing GGUS ticket should be updated
    • The perl script then formats an outgoing mail to GGUS assigned to the Ticket Process Manager (TPM)
  • At GGUS
    • The TPM routes the problem to the appropiate Regional Operation Center (ROC)

Known Problems

Wish List

  • Automatic routing to other OSG Support Center ticketing systems. This will take a combination of FP configuration and perl scripting.

-- RobQ - 25 Aug 2006

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