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The OSG Google Earth Visualization is a semi-real-time visualization of job movement on the OSG. Updated every 10 minutes, it shows a 10 minute span of job movement from a VO's home institution to the site their job is running. The data is from the production Gratia collectors. The kml files are generated at Nebraska.

Install Google Earth

Download and install from the official google earth site: http://www.google.com/earth/index.html

Install the WLCG Monitor

Instructions for installing the WLCG monitor can be at the upstream website.

The WLCG Monitor contains information on running jobs and transfers for the major WLCG VOs. Visually, this includes the solid green and red lines along with moving lines that are job starts.

Install OSG Monitor

  1. Inside google earth, select from the top tool bar Add->Network Link
  2. Name the link OSG
  3. The link, for all OSG, is http://viz.unl.edu/dashboard/dashb-earth-all.kml
  4. Change to the Refresh tab. Under Time-Based Refresh, change When to periodically, and set the time to >1min
  5. Click OK

It is useful to change the animation properties:

  1. After google earth downloads the network link, a time bar will appear in the upper left of the visualization. Click on the wrench icon to open properties.
  2. Make sure Time zone on my computer under the Display time in section.
  3. Move the Animation speed bar all the way to the left, slower.
  4. Select the Loop animation check box.

The upstream docs may also be useful, as we only changed the URL's Upstream docs: http://dashb-earth.cern.ch/dashboard/doc/guides/service-monitor-gearth/html/user/setupSection.html

Individual VO's

To add individual VO's, so you see only their usage, add more network links with the URL:
  • HCC = http://viz.unl.edu/dashboard/dashb-earth-hcc.kml
  • Engage = http://viz.unl.edu/dashboard/dashb-earth-engage.kml
  • SBGrid = http://viz.unl.edu/dashboard/dashb-earth-sbgrid.kml
  • DZero = http://viz.unl.edu/dashboard/dashb-earth-dzero.kml
  • Ligo = http://viz.unl.edu/dashboard/dashb-earth-ligo.kml
  • GLOW = http://viz.unl.edu/dashboard/dashb-earth-glow.kml

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