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OSG Scalability, Reliability and Usability area report 02/09/2011

by Igor Sfiligoi

Believe to be on track with the work.

Activity list for the past 3 months:

  • Condor/glideinWMS R&D and testing
    • Tested 7.5.5 pre-release(s) - found and reported multiple problems that were fixed before the official release
    • Measured negotiator speed - O(10Hz)
    • Achieved 60k+ running jobs on a single schedd (memory limited)
    • Tested Condor behavior using TCP vs UDP (no good reason not to use TCP)
    • Tested glideinWMS v2_5 pre-release and provided feedback
    • Helping with OSG glideinWMS operations
  • Storage testing
    • Debugging CREAM client (Condor-G) issues for the OSG gfactory - mostly minor things and better error message propagation
    • Worked with European sites to get the CREAM servers properly configured - CMS now able to use gfactory on most European CREAM sites
  • Writing proceedings for CHEP (pre-prints at OSG Doc 1015 , OSG Doc 1016 , OSG Doc 1017 )
  • Following HTPC and CampusGrid? activities

-- IgorSfiligoi - 08 Feb 2011

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