OSG Technology Highlights


The needs of users and Virtual Organizations in the Open Science Grid helps drive new technology to support large scale scientific computing. Below is a sampling of technology advances of the OSG.

Technology Highlights

Authorization project helps grids interoperate An international team of grid middleware developers have collaborated on the Authorization Interoperability Project, which makes authorization across multiple grids much easier, August, 2009

PanDA makes huge job sets more bearable The PanDA? (Production and Distributed Analysis) system, developed for the ATLAS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider, lets scientists stay cool while it takes charge of distributing jobs, collecting results and managing workflow. April, 2009

OSG 1.0 Released: Stable, Secure, Reliable Although scientists have been generating results on OSG resources for a couple of years using earlier versions, the VDT-based software has now reached a confident "1.0" level of stability, security and reliability. August, 2008

Rivalry on Hold for High-Tech Barn Raising Purdue staff and friends assembled their newest addition to the OSG and TeraGrid? in a one-day installation with the help of Big-Ten rivals Indiana University. July, 2008

Massively parallel: NERSC, OSG and HPC A new facet in the Open Science Grid crown is NERSC’s 20,000-core Cray XT4 parallel computer. Called Franklin, it is the third and largest parallel resource that NERSC has connected to the OSG. April, 2008

United we compute: Fermigrid continues to yield results Before FermiGrid?, the computing resources at high energy physics laboratory Fermilab, in Illinois, U.S., were individually packaged for the dedicated use of particular experiments. By late 2004, all this began to change. January, 2008

Distributed security: keeping Open Science Grid closed to intruders Head of OSG Security, Mine Altunay, discusses her focus for the second year of Open Science Grid. November, 2007

Grid Operations Center: Ready to Help An Open Science Grid user, struck by a brilliant thought at 3:20am, decides to submit a job. At 3:26am you come across a problem. Thankfully, OSG’s Grid Operations Center is ready to help. March, 2007

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