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OSG Newsletter, September 2009

Summer Student Profile - Caitlin Cosgrove, SBGrid

Caitlin Cosgrove As an intern at SBGrid, my primary focus has been the development of a web interface that will allow users to run computationally intensive structural biology applications, both on our local cluster and through OSG. Currently SBGrid runs the application Molrep through our portal, executing thousands of independent runs for each task submitted. A typical run produces on the order of a 50,000 files and 1 GB of data, so the challenge is to manage and summarize the data and results into a meaningful format for the end-user scientists.

Our web portal is being written primarily with Django, a web framework based on the Python programming language. Over the past three months, we have been developing and reorganizing the interfaces for creating, storing, and displaying job- and user-related content. The main goal has been to complete the basic functionality of the portal while structuring the underlying code in such a way that further expansion is relatively straightforward.

We have also begun to work with the access control aspect of the portal, creating mechanisms for protecting job output if desired, utilizing a combination of Grid Access Control List (GACL) policies based on X.509 authentication and standard username/password mechanisms. In addition, we have written several Python utilities to assist with our work with the portal, ranging from Python wrappers for Condor, OSG, and our Fortran-based structural biology application suite named CCP4, to utility modules for managing GACL policies, facilitating shell-script style programs within Python, and an XML-based configuration management system.

~Caitlin Cosgrove


Summer Student Profile - Phil Scherer, OSG Security

Phil Scherer Phil Scherer, Sophomore in Software Engineering and Computer Science, Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyI? worked on a project with Mine Altunay for the OSG Security activity, writing a script that updates the root certificates on all the nodes of an OSG cluster. The script enabled download of the certificates directly from the IGTF web site rather than using a mirror site, which would duplicate work by unpacking and then repacking them.

I spent the rest of the summer working with Chris Green and Neha Sharma of the OSG Storage activity on the OSG-TeraGrid gateway, submitting test jobs and debugging. In addition, Parag Mhashilkar and I worked on the Glidein-WMS to submit jobs to the gateway.

~Phil Scherer

~David Ricthie
Area Coordinator for Communications


Open Science Grid Council Face to Face Semi-Annual Meeting August 11 2009

Twenty-one members of the OSG Council and 2 guests from TeraGrid? and DOE met for the face to face meeting on August 11th at O'Hare. The full agenda, presentations and minutes are available at the OSG Council Agenda . Tom Furlani from the University Of Buffalo was accepted as the second "Collective VO" representative whose responsibility, along with Shaowen Wang as the other representative, is to bring the issues of and communicate with the leaders of those member organizations of OSG who do not have a direct seat on the Council. Do not hesitate to contact them with things you want brought forward to future Council meetings.

We discussed with John Towns, chair of the TeraGrid? forum, the recent draft of "Joint Statement of Agreed Upon Principles" which is guiding our short term efforts between TG and OSG.

We opened several new action items including to "evaluate how best to establish and exercise Science Advisory Group (SAG)",
"Establish a subcommittee of the Open Science Grid (Executive Board) to determine how to migrate effort from core activities to provide support and architecture for the long term".

Additionally the Council is working on the date and venue for the next Collaboration Meeting. For all you busy and scheduled people - mark March 8th 2010 at Fermilab in your calendars and watch for warm weather..

~Kent Blackburn
Council Co-Chair


Funding received for OSG/TeraGrid provisioning system

Through the Strategic Technologies for Cyberinfrastructure program, NSF has granted funding for a collaborative project between OSG and TeraGrid? to develop a resource provisioning system. The new system, called CorralWMS?, will integrate and build on previous work on OSG's GlideinWMS? and Corral, a provisioning tool used to complement the Pegasus WMS used on TeraGrid?. Principle co-investigators for the project are Ewa Deelman, Burt Holzman, and Frank Würthwein.

The goal of CorralWMS? is to provide an integrated, robust, scalable, and flexible service that will offer users the ability to access provisioned resources and “just-in-time” available resources for a single workload. A common interface will enable access to new types of resources—such as clouds—and common monitoring capabilities, tailored views for real-time monitoring, and comprehensive generation of summary statistics will be developed.

For its part, in addition to project management and extending GlideinWMS?, OSG will contribute software packaging and distribution support through the VDT, provide resources on the overlay test systems, and will perform scalability and performance testing.

~Burt Holzman


From The Executive Director

As we move from our third to our fourth year, some OSG staff are moving on from the project.

Jim Basney, Security Team at NCSA, will be refocusing his efforts on his new NSF-funded CiLogin? project to extend Myproxy, GSI-OpenSSH and GridShib? for use by the community with LIGO being an early user. We look forward to offering the fruits of Jim's developments and research to the broader OSG community.

Jim Barlow, head of the Security Incident Response group at NCSA and a longtime security expert in the field, will be taking on Jim Basney's responsibilities. He has already started working with the OSG and is quickly being integrated into the security team.

Alina Bejan, Education and Training, has returned home to Romania to be nearer to her family. We thank her for carrying the torch for OSG EOT over the past two years, running grid schools and participating in the annual ICEAGE summer school in collaboration with our European colleagues. We wish Alina all the best in her new ventures.

Ben Clifford, Education and Training. Ben actually left a few months ago for his round-the-world trip. We know London is expensive, but… Good luck, Ben!

Jay Packard, Security and GUMS at BNL, has moved his family west. We wish him all the best for the future. His GUMS support is being carried on by John Hover at BNL. We know that John will do an excellent job following on from the quality preparations Jay has made for the continued support of GUMS for OSG and BNL.

In other news, there are ongoing developments for new versions of the OSG software stack to meet the needs of the community.

~Ruth Pordes


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