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The metrics and measurements area is in charge of being the liason between the OSG and the external Gratia project.

This page is meant to be a "virtual post-it", a record of the ongoing requests from the OSG to Gratia. This is updated during the weekly Gratia meeting (every Wednesday).

Gratia Tasks (Prioritized)

  • Implement CREAM integration. Estimated to require one FTE week to implement; planned to be done in mid-January. Philippe is working with Alain Roy.
  • Status and stability issues with DB optimization and housekeeping identified during summer 2010. Planned to be completed in January.
  • HTPC probes.
    • PBS: Understood; in progress.
    • LSF: Philippe has the needed information from
    • SGE: Unknown
    • Condor: Works in trunk; waiting for next probe release.
  • Improved accounting for VO pilot frameworks.
  • SLURM probes for Gratia. Will be externally contributed by LLNL.
  • Improve the automation of the Gratia Testing framework and work with the VDT team on including this in the nightly build/tests as far as possible.
  • Fix for multithreaded daemons.

Interesting, but not active Gratia tasks (not prioritized):

  • Add a layer to allow forwarding of summary data instead of raw data.
    • Possibly do aggregating by collector-side probes?
  • Pass GIP output from Gratia
  • Allow data from single probe to be delivered to multiple collectors
  • Ensure clean and clear separation of code modules between "Gratia, the job accounting system" and "Gratia, the data transport".
  • Probe maintenance and packaging:
    • Mitigate issues related to log rotation in the Probe that do log scrapping (SunGrid? Engine, PBS, LSF, glexec).
    • Make probes run non-root.
    • Make probes compatible with RHEL file system layout.
  • Evaluate impact of new CE interfaces - GRAM5.

Non-Gratia accounting tasks

  • Storage Accounting: Addition of a POSIX probe for storage accounting.

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