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Disable a Metric

This information is for RSV version 3.2 and earlier. If you are using RSV version 3.3 or later see documentation on rsv-control to disable metrics.

The procedure to disable a metric in RSV 3.2 and earlier:

  1. deactivate the running osg-rsv service
  2. edit the [RSV] section in the resource configuration file ~/osg/etc/config.ini
  3. switch on and off available probes in RSV configuration file ~/osg-rsv/config/<HOST>_metrics.conf
  4. reconfigure the Virtual Data Toolkit using osg-configure
  5. activate the osg-rsv service

%NOTE% The metric will be removed from your HTML status page at midnight if the metric is disabled (set to 'off') and no longer running.

Deactivate the Service

In case the osg-rsv service is currently running you need to shut it down first using vdt-control:

[root@client ~]$ vdt-control --off osg-rsv

Edit the Resource Configuration File

Next edit the [RSV] section in the resource configuration file ~/osg/etc/config.ini.

Edit the RSV Configuration File

The individual probes can be switched on and off in the RSV configuration file ~/osg-rsv/config/<HOST>_metrics.conf where <HOST> refers to the hostname to monitor.

For OSG version <=1.2.9 remove the appropriate submission file(s) from ~/osg-rsv/submission/probes

Reconfigure the Virtual Data Toolkit

To reconfigure the RSV part of the Virtual Data Toolkit use configure-osg:

[root@client ~]$ configure-osg -c -m RSV

Activate the RSV Service

[root@client ~]$ vdt-control --on osg-rsv

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