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We are in the process of reorganizing the documentation on user certificates. Please go to the How do I get a DOEGrids PKI/X509 Personal Certificate? page for more up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a certificate for myself using grid-cert-request?

  • No. Personal certificates must be requested using a web browser as detailed in the links on the left.

Can I email a personal or host/service certificate request rather than using my web browser to request/submit one?

  • No. Currently there is no email gateway into the request process. You must use the web forms as detailed in the links on the left.

I forgot my pass phrase. Can you please reset it to the default or call me with it or send it to me in an email?

  • No. The pass phrase securing your private key was never listed in a central location. You must revoke your certificate and submit a new request. See the links on the left.

Does the subject of my certificate request have to conform to the DOEGrids namespace?

  • Yes.

My favorite web browser is _______. Why don't you support it?

  • It is not that we don't support your browser, but rather that your browser may not be compliant with accepted standards. You may try and use your favorite browser to generate and submit a request. If it does not work, please try using Netscape Navigator.

I am not part of an OSG project but I would really like a certificate. Can you sign a request for me if I submit one?

  • No.

I am part of an OSG project but there is no sponsor listed for my institution. What should I do?

  • Please email the OSG RA POC and explain in detail who you are and why you think there should be a sponsor from your VO. If there really should be a sponsor from your VO and the omission is an oversight we will try to remedy the situation as soon as is possible.

-- KyleGross - 27 Sep 2007

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