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CVMFS Requirements Discusssion

April 25th, 2012 2PM EDT
Phone: +1-866-740-1260, code 8266135

Call Notes

Attendees: Scott T, Rob, Alain R, Dave, Dan B.

Document from OSG Trash/Trash/Blueprint Meeting is available here.

Existing repo at U Wisconsin supported by Dan Bradley. Users write with a globus job to an App directory which is rsynced and mounted with a FUSE mount. Any CVMFS client can read from this FUSE mount. The central service could be a CE and CVMFS Server. Filename and URL based on the secure checksum of the contents.

A few instances of the repository having become corrupted. Some effort was required to troubleshoot and restore this.

This would be a critical level service if it is relied on to distribute application software to production workers.

  • A critical service requires two instances, these would require one host per instance.
  • A host requires a few TB disk space plus modest CPU, network and memory requirements. No special requirements on disk I/O.

One proposed setup is GOC hosting a stratum 0 and 1 and other friendly sites providing stratum 1 resources.

  • GOC administers both the server and the service. Effort is frontloaded, installation and initial debugging takes most effort, estimate 1 hr/week when in production.

It is not anticipated that CMS or ATLAS will use this service

  • This should be verified and imposed as a condition of service if correct.

GOC would require both ITB and Production instances for a critical service.

  • The ITB instance may be able to be hosted on an existing VM host. If realistic disk space is required for the ITB instance another host is required.

U Wisc implementation notes can be found here.

Rob and Brian will discuss the Trash/Trash/Blueprint OASIS document tomorrow at 11EDT.

Will need two servers and a kvm. Server estimate is $3,800, cascadeable kvm with cables, $2,500, total $10,100. Plan is to install in a new, high power rack.

-- RobQ - 25 Apr 2012

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