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-- ScottTeige - 28 Mar 2011

Operations This Week

  • Fifth Tuesday, no release.
  • New VO Package to production
    • CSIU Addition, CMS Requested Change, and Engage Group Add
    • Release targeted for today


  • is4 was briefly in production, at high rate noticed seg fault log messages. Removed from DNS RR
    • Rates behaved as expected.
    • ~ 1% of calls faulted
    • Data was consistent and correct in cases with a fault
    • No evidence of impact on users during the period it was in RR
    • Quick fixes did not work

Top level BDII at the GOC

  • Flavia Donno is no longer information officer, has been replaced by Lorenzo Dimi. Lorenzo is currently on vacation for two weeks, no update on status of "semi-static" BDII is available.
    • Earliest posible start date is June 1st. (8 weeks from today)


  • MyOSG-2 (Indianapolis) is generating connection timeout alarms. It will be rebuilt next production window.
    • Will be removed from DNS RR prior to rebuild, expect minimal impact.

Ticket Exchange

  • Options on ticket exchange
  • Await mailing list from BNL for TX error notification

GGUS version change

  • GGUS Remedy to update to version 7.5 (from 7.1)
  • Test instance to change next week
    • TX-ITB will be used to evaluate impact of change.
  • Date for change of production instance not yet set, late April to early May


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