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Recovery plan, RSV-SAM uploader outages

  • All issues encountered to date are related to access of databases on "sonofsam" (SoS?). This machine is out to be retired. The functionality of SoS? must be relocated and any services using SoS? modified to reference the new location.
  • Machines accessing SoS? have been identified:
    • osg-test4.unl.edu, Nebraska at Lincoln (accepted)
    • oim.grid.iu.edu, Indiana University (accepted)
    • dahmer.uits.indiana.edu, Indiana University (accepted)
  • Machines attempting to access SoS? have been identified:
    • sam202.cern.ch to port 36867 (blocked by iptables)
    • sam202.cern.ch to port 47507 (blocked by iptables)
  • To remove SoS? from service the following steps will be taken
    • Setup OIM replication on rsv.grid, (OIM replication accounts for the access by oim.grid.iu.edu above)
    • Move rsvextra DB currently stored on sonofsam to rsv.grid and setup a script that sends any data to rsv.grid (accounts for the access by dahmer.uits.indiana.edu above)
    • Run rsvprocess on rsv.grid (needed to fill certain tables)
    • Migrate web services from Nebraska to Indiana. This is already a year 5 action item. (underway on a development machine)
    • Notify CERN of the failed connection attempts. (Done)
  • As soon as this is achieved, verify all data required to generate reports is being sent.
  • Block all access to SoS? with firewall rules, repeat data verification.
  • Remove SoS? from service.
  • Proposed deadline for switchover is 1/Oct. (May be optimistic)
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