Operations Meeting December 05, 2011

  • 13:00 Eastern
  • Phone Number ReadyTalk: 866.740.1260 Access code: 8266135
  • Attending: Elizabeth Chism (GOC), Scott Teige (GOC), Tony Tiradani (FNAL), Alain Deximo (GOC), Jeff Dost (UCSD), Kyle Gross (GOC), Levente Hajdu (STAR), Mine Altunay (Security), Kevin Hill (Security), Steve Timm (FNAL)
  • GOC weekly calendar


  • A water leak in the IUPUI machine room required one instance of BDII to be shut down. It was removed from DNS RR at 17:00 (eastern) Friday, 2/Dec. Service continued through the weekend with a single instance hosted at IUB. The IUPUI instance was restored to service in the morning of Monday 5/Dec. All power sockets that were submerged will be replaced at a time yet to be announced. We have been assured we will be notified prior to this replacement.
  • The IU mandated privacy policy will go into effect 13/Dec. Read it here
  • Two additional instances of BDII will be added to DNS round robin on 13/Dec. These will be running BDII v5.

Operations Last Week

FermiGrid Ops

  • Nothing last week

WMS Glide In Factory

  • Installed new version of OSG and condor

Operations This Week

  • Pre-release repository added to repo.grid.iu.edu
  • Some broken links will be repaired.
  • Removed an alert that sent directly to goc@.
  • Full release notes will be sent 6/Dec.

FermiGrid Ops

  • Upgrades imminent on 4 Gratia clusters.
    • re-indexing could take as long as 3 days, alternatively some pruning or record dropping could be done
    • options will be discussed on change mgmt call

WMS Glide In Factory

New Registrations

Virtual Organizations

Name VO URL Other Info Ticket

Support Centers

Name Other Info Ticket


Name Support Center Resource URL Other Info Ticket

Removed from OSG

Name Other Info Ticket

OSG RA Items & CA Questions

OSG RA Over 5 Day Report

Request ID Age days Email Updated By Org Sponsor Subject
80750 15.8 bwang8@illinois.edu WilliamBaltz? OSG-ATLAS msn@cern.ch CN=Brian Wang 481860,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
80754 13.5 tsor@my.erau.edu KentBlackburn? OSG:LIGO andri.gretarsson@ligo.org CN=Rhondale Tso 235127,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org

GOC Tickets

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Action Items from Meeting

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