Operations Meeting November 14, 2011

  • 13:00 Eastern
  • Phone Number ReadyTalk: 866.740.1260 Access code: 8266135
  • Attending: Elizabeth Chism (GOC), Scott Teige (GOC), Alain Deximo (GOC), Jeff Dost (UCSD), Kyle Gross (GOC), Levente Hajdu (STAR), Steve Timm (FNAL)
  • GOC weekly calendar


  • SLA for BDII-itb will be suspended effective 31/Dec. pending one more approval.
  • BDII-v5 rollout deferred two weeks, deemed too close to Thanksgiving.
  • Only two (ITB, Production) change windows in December.

Operations Last Week

  • GOC Services Availability/Reliability
  • Current Status
  • Production release, Release note is available.
    • Originally scheduled for 25/Oct
    • Did not include changes to ticket exchange.
  • WLCG Technology Evaluation Group
  • Met with BNL on 8/Nov to discuss Ticket Attachment Exchange Project
  • OSG 1.2.25 was released Notice
  • NECTEC CA affected by flooding in Thailand.
    • The situation of expired CRL at NECTEC CA is because the CA responsible is not able to regenerate CRL because of the electricity problem by flood in Bangkok. Suriya, the person in charge of NECTEC CA, who was not able to estimate the schedule of recovery on last Friday. APROC was informed by NECTEC that their site planned to shutdown until end of November last week. Hope to get NECTEC update in the following days.

FermiGrid Ops

  • No incidents last week

WMS Glide In Factory

Operations This Week

  • ITB release, 8 hour window
    • Add attachment feature to ticket exchange
    • Modify "services" field in "resource" dialog.

FermiGrid Ops

  • No changes planned for this week.

WMS Glide In Factory

New Registrations

Virtual Organizations

Name VO URL Other Info Ticket

Support Centers

Name Other Info Ticket


Name Support Center Resource URL Other Info Ticket

Removed from OSG

Name Other Info Ticket

OSG RA Items & CA Questions

OSG RA Over 5 Day Report

Request ID Age days Email Updated By Org Sponsor Subject
79754 19.8 Tim.Schuster@cern.ch RJporter OSG-ALICE john.harris@yale.edu CN=Tim Schuster 104039,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
80468 5.8 b.gabella@vanderbilt.edu OSG-CMS Kevin.Buterbaugh@Vanderbilt.Edu CN=William Ewald Gabella 547809,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
80473 5.8 bgui@syr.edu ChristopherPipes? OSG-OSG sblusk@physics.syr.edu CN=Bin Gui 343828,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
79821 17.9 sam-oncall@fnal.gov YolandaV? OSG:DZero NULL CN=sam/samgfwd02.fnal.gov,OU=Services,DC=doegrids,DC=org
79824 17.9 sam-oncall@fnal.gov YolandaV? OSG:DZero NULL CN=host/samgfwd04.fnal.gov,OU=Services,DC=doegrids,DC=org

GOC Tickets

Ticket # Support Center Action/Summary GOC Assignee Notes VO Present? ALERT! DONE



Action Items from Meeting

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