Operations Meeting February 20, 2012

  • 13:00 Eastern
  • Phone Number ReadyTalk: 866.740.1260 Access code: 8266135
  • Attending: Steve Timm, Chris Pipes, Kyle Gross, Scott Teige, Elizabeth Chism, Alain Deximo, Rob Quick, Soichi Hayashi, Kevin Hill, Mine Altunay, Tony Tiradani, Fred Luehring
  • GOC weekly calendar


Operations Last Week

FermiGrid Ops

  • OSG services machines all had kernel updates and reboots
  • Large network outage at Fermilab primarily affected CMS Tier 1 but had secondary impact on FermiGrid services. As far as we can determine OSG Gratia, VOMS, and ReSS? were not affected but job submission to FermiGrid managed gatekeepers (FNAL_FERMIGRID, FNAL_GPGRID_1) was.
  • Reporting name of ATLAS in Gratia was changed from "usatlas" to "atlas", ATLAS OIM registration needs to be changed to match.
  • Continue to work with unknown/unregistered VO's, total VO count now 148 and will drop by 40 more later this week.

WMS Glide In Factory

Operations This Week

  • ITB release, currently almost entirely updates to recovery/install scripts. Release note in preparation.
  • Next week is the domain switch and web page move.
    • opensciencegrid.org DNS will be moving to IU.
    • Current webpages at www.opensciencegrid.org will point to the OSG TWiki.

FermiGrid Ops

  • No scheduled changes.

WMS Glide In Factory

New Registrations

Virtual Organizations

Name VO URL Other Info Ticket

Support Centers

Name Other Info Ticket


Name Support Center Resource URL Other Info Ticket

Removed from OSG

Name Other Info Ticket

OSG RA Items & CA Questions

OSG RA Over 5 Day Report

Request ID Age days Email Updated By Org Sponsor Subject
83429 5.8 sandun.pahula.hewage@cern.ch RJporter OSG-ALICE bellwied@uh.edu CN=Sandun Yasassri Jayarathna Pahula Hewage 412635,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
83418 6.0 aa7526@wayne.edu RJporter OSG-ALICE RJPorter@lbl.gov CN=claude pruneau 813505,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
83415 6.1 Rylan.Towne.Conway@cern.ch YolandaV? OSG-CMS conway@physics.ucdavis.edu CN=Rylan Towne Conway 362316,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
83394 6.9 boote@internet2.edu OSG-OSG cssehgal@fnal.gov CN=Jeff W. Boote 587561,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
83342 9.9 thbritto@syr.edu kyleAGross OSG-OSG sblusk@syr.edu CN=Thomas Britton 721157,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
82819 22.4 guirl@clemson.edu kyleAGross OSG-OSG wolf@clemson.edu CN=Christopher D Guirl 427116,OU=People,DC=doegrids,DC=org
83346 9.8 dmm@uga.edu ChristopherPipes? OSG:OSG NULL CN=http/sgrid-test.rcc.uga.edu,OU=Services,DC=doegrids,DC=org
83345 9.8 dmm@uga.edu ChristopherPipes? OSG:OSG NULL CN=sgrid-test.rcc.uga.edu,OU=Services,DC=doegrids,DC=org

GOC Tickets

Ticket # Support Center Action/Summary GOC Assignee Notes VO Present? ALERT! DONE




Action Items from Meeting

Effort Discussion

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